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Hi, I am still waiting to get a Sharp GA6 32inch, I see posts quoting robertwhyte's site, I was wondering if anyone here has actually had any experience ordering from them and what the 5 year warranty actually includes?



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I ordered a Toshiba rear pro set from them three years ago, so they've been around a little while, usually a good sign.

I found them very helpful and set was delivered promptly.

I missed out on an interest free deal they were doing online by a week or so, but after a bit of haggling, I negotiated a buy now later deal instead....

Didn't take out an extended warranty, so can't comment on that!


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From where I'm sitting right now I can see their shop, a mere 50 yards away on the other side of the street.

Robert Whyte as a company have been about for ages although I think it's only in the last 10 years or so that they've been retailing electrical goods in a big way.

I've been in their shop a couple of times lately, browsing and bugging the hell out of their guys for advice on what LCD to buy. I was going to order the Samsung from them but interestingly they have decided to no longer offer the five year warranty on ANY Samsung product, the manager was being very cagey, not wanting to say anything against them but reading between the lines they're just not confident in that brand at the moment. They thought that in a few months the situation would be reviewed. Because thay can't offer the extended warranty they have decided not to stock any Samsung in the meantime.

Anyway, don't know if this helps you or not! All I know is that the guys in there seem fairly clued up and were certainly very helpful. They obviously think very carefully about what they offer the warranty on so maybe you can take that as prudence or just confidence in the product?


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Thanks for the info guys, I would like to have that shop opposite me, I would be in there perstering them all day to about LCD's!


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I was interested in their warranty terms too - so I e-mailed them (they were very quick when I asked about stock) for an answer. I haven't received anything yet (several weeks later) and so have bought elsewhere.

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