Ordering Cables - Connections correct?


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Wondering if someone who actually knows what there doing could help a slightly clueless me out.

I have a Samsung LE32R41BDX 32" LCD TV and a Denon DHT-500SD with a HTPC that has SPDIF from HTPC to DVD, and a VGA to the LCD TV.

So am I right in thinking the best cables to buy are :

* Toslink Optical Digital Cable ( HTPC to DVD )
* Component Video ( DVD to TV )
* VGA ( HTPC to TV )

So I dont need to buy a SCART do I?

Freeview is built in to the TV.


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Hi Ch!lledBudwei2e,

While I would never profess to know what I'm doing, your suggested connection scheme looks sensible to me.

You could of course use digitial co-ax from HTPC to DVD (assuming HTPC has suitable output), but that's just a matter of personal choice.

Anything that avoild the vile SCART connector has got to be the way to go :smashin:
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