ordered z1 from nexix



hi fellas took the plunge and ordered a z1 from nexix today just a few questions need answering:

1 how quick is their delivery ie next day, 2 day, 3 day
2 my dvd player hasnt got component out:mad: so was thinking of getting rgb to component converter from kleene but not just yet.. would this do the job until the funds recovered a little.
3 my pace twin has s video out plus rgb scart any suggestions for a cheap svideo cable to get me started approx 6mtrs links etc, im not that fussed how cracking the quality is for now just want a cheap cable solution to get started,, oh and after a composite cable as well same size
4 if youve got any other advice regarding setting this little baby up please let me know as im a pj virgin :D

many thanks

Drew C

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I would have thought that a rgb to component converter wouldn't be that cheap.
You could pick up a Tosh dvd player with component out for around £60.


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Originally posted by morphy
1 how quick is their delivery ie next day, 2 day, 3 day
In the case of the two orders I've had from them IIRC both were next-day.


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I've had a right laugh with the Z1 I ordered from them, but that's more to do with the courier than anything else.

Will update when i hear back from NexNix


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I'd recommend not geting a RGB->component converter and ordering one of these instead.


Available at www.keene.co.uk. It's item code is SBB92S and although it doesn't display it on the website it comes in a variety of lengths. This will allow you to take RGB directly to the pj. Buy a cheap scart switcher box and you can route all your RGB sources though it.
I use one with my Z1 and the difference between RGB and component from the DVD player (in interlaced mode) is very slight.
The cable seems to be very well made and I'm very happy with the quality I now get. Far superior to the RGB->S-video conversion box I used to use and cheaper too!



thanks fellas for the advice

any setting up hints for a magnolia wall

Oh forgot to say z1 turned up 1 day after order, great service nexnix:rotfl:

No dead pixels:D

just poxy composite at the moment:mad:


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I have had a couple of orders with nexnix as well...excellent service and good advice. Cant recommend them enough tbh.

Have fun with the PJ!!


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