Ordered an Epson EMP-TW 1000 (1080p)


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Jul 22, 2004
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Hasnt arrived yet, but its on is way.
Im going to hook this up with my PS3 (for blu rays) and with my 360 for HD DVD at 1080i. (as well as 720p gaming)

I also have a japanese HDTV tuner which runs at 1080i, and finaly an upscaling denon 3910 DVD player (also 1080i)

Basically everything I have is HD now so I felt it was time to switch from an SD plasma to an HD PJ.

Does anyone else have this PJ and if so how is it?

Ill post some pics and a wee review once I get it. Stock is low since it just came out in Japan but I should hopefully have it in the next couple of weeks.

So i finaly got this PJ and had a chance to hook it up.

Quality is good and with the extra resolution over my old plasma theres a big improvement.

First thing I tried was my PS3 at 1080p and Ridge Racer 7.

Everything looked much sharper than it had on the plasma. I also tried a few Blu Rays and they looked good.

I also tried my Denon 3910 at 1080i and it also looked good. But DVDs do look a little worse since they are being upscaled.

I still dont have a proper screen. Shops are closed just now for the holidays so I should have a screen in a few days.

On a negative note. I noticed rainbow colored arcs on the screen (makeshift sheet)

I was surprised at that but I guess its one downside to using a PJ. Is there any way to fix these rainbow arks?

Ill take a pic later and post.
have u considered the mitsubishi 5000 before buying the tw 1000? if yes, what made u purchase the latter? thanks

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