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Indeed it's true. I've sold my 9" crt projector to make way for a plasma. I'm not kidding myself that it's going to be an improvement but it'll be more living room friendly until I build the ultimate theatre sometime next year as extension to our house. Then we'll have a crt back...or maybe something else, who knows.

Until then I will be using a 43" mxe Pioneer. It's going to be fed by my HTPC until after xmas when the Key Digital native HD card is launched. At that time the HTPC, in Andy's cool LMP case, will be sold.

I bought the Plasma from a reliable trade supplier who is going to, hopefully, personally deliver it this weekend. Thanks Joe!


P.S. If it's too small I'll sell it and buy a 50" but don't tell Melanie!


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Hi Gordon,

Pardon my ignorance,

What is the above exactly? It sounds like a card for a PC, but I suppose it can't be if your selling yours when it's available?.......

Best Regards,

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