Orca Killer Whale

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Dirk 2, Aug 2, 2001.

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    I received today, my region 2 Dutch import copy of "Orca Killer Whale".

    Produced by Dino De laurentiis in 1977, this is a excellent example of the creature feature genre that followed in the wake of "Jaws".

    If you can except the premise of a whale seeking revenge for the slaughter of it's mate, then this is a very intriguing exploitaion film. The underwater photography is sound and the soundtrack by Ennio Morricone is haunting.

    The cast features Richard Harris and Charlotte Rampling with Will Sampson providing the standard "indian mysticism". It is further bolstered by charactor actor Kenan Wynn. Bo Derek has a minor role and a come to a unpleasant end.

    Like most films of european origin, there is a far darker tone than you would find in a Hollywood production. The scenes depicting the death of the female whale are "nasty" and the ending is very bleak.

    Presented in non-anamorphic widescreen of approximately 2:35:1, the picture quality is exceptable though there is print damage. The sound is 2 channel stereo, but by and large this is far better than the channel 5 VHS release of the early 90's

    If you like this genre and similar material, then this is a good buy from Bridge Entertainment. (They also do a good version of Joe Dante's The Howling). This cost about £19 inc P&P from Inter DVD.

    Here's a few other titles I'd like to see form the same era and genre:

    Killer Fish (Piranha rip off with Lee Majors)<br />Grizzly<br />The Day Of The Animals (saw this in the cinema when it was double billed with The Car)<br />White Buffalo

    PS Does anyone remember a European jaws rippoff called "Tintorera" about two shark hunters. Lots of nudity, cheap shark attacks and starring the insanely named Hugo Stiglitz.
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    Aaaah, don't you just love those Jaws rips?

    After you tipped me off on this one I ordered it and got it about 3 weeks ago. Maybe you should try <a href="http://www.proxis.com" target="_blank">www.proxis.com</a> next time as it only cost me £13. Ace film though I'd been after a better version of this than my P+S vhs that had a foul picture and mono sound. Big respect to Dirk.

    More good/bad Jaws rips aswell as Tintorera would be...

    The Last Shark<br />Cruel Jaws<br />Deep Blood<br />Mako - Jaws Of Death<br />Sharks Cave

    ...and one by Lamberto Bava that I can't remember the name of that had this studmuffin in red trunks posing his way all through the film. It comes across all kinda homoerotic - all the guys have those "carved out of wood" bodies and even the flat chested leading lady comes across as androgenous.<br />Orca's definitely the cream of the crop though.

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