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Hi guy's

just got the orbs the okay from the Mrs so just need to sort a few details out.

I was thinking of these


but wonder if the sub should be bought as part of the kit or just the orbs themselves and add a sub from here (UK) at a later stage which may help with shipping costs..

I like the Idea of getting it from them as it's a complete package but as I don't particularly enjoy earth moving bass as it just tends to grind and distract maybe they don't need this addition?

I have just purchased a Linn movie DI secondhand if that helps...

Any suggestions as to the best way forward, anyone run these speakers with/without sub??



jon smith

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The orbs look a good home friendly choice. If you do get them I would definitely order just the speakers and get a sub from the UK. It's also worth spending a sensible amount on a sub as it will make a massive difference to the setup. A BK Gemini (£200) or XLS 200 at £300ish would be a sensible starting point.

I have Gallo Micros (similar speaker, similar size) and they are excellent, but a better sub makes a world of difference to them.

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