Orangery Quote- Reasonable or not?


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Being in need of extra living space after our family increased in size we have taken the decision to have an Orangery extension added onto our property.

First quote (another two expected next week) came in at £44,000, inclusive of VAT, local authority fee and complete project management of the project from start to finish.

External size is 4.46m x 5m (well one side is 4.46m and the other is 4.2m as we are adding the extra 0.26m about 1/3 of the way along one wall with the way the annex of the kitchen sticks out). So around 22m2 externally area. Not sure what size of internal area that would give us. Any thoughts?

Based on the external area this comes out around £2,000/m2. Higher than I was expecting and higher than “recommended” prices I’ve read online!

The company giving us the quote are a local company that specialise in Conservatories, sunrooms and Orangeries. Well established and we know they have a good reputation. We’ve spoke to people who have used them before and the feedback has been very positive. They built an orangery close by us and from the outside it looks well build.

Specs of the quote.

4.46m x 5m orangery extension.

Internal entrance coming from the existing living room with a set of windows being replaced with a set of French doors (this is the 4.2m wall). A further set of French doors from the Orangery to the garden is to be included.

Left-hand wall (5m wall) of the orangery to be a solid brick wall. Right-hand (5m wall) side is to consist of a set of French Doors to the garden, one tilt and turn windows with the rest being the existing external kitchen wall.

Far side (4.46m wall) of the Orangery will be four windows with the middle two being tilt and turn.

Dwarf walls along two sides of fyfestone (to match the brick of the house). One dwarf wall being 4.46m and the other 1.18m.

Lantern (white though an extra £1,350 for black which we think looks really nice) to be approx. 2.3m x 3.1m. Glass is double glazed “Smart Glass neutral” 1.2 U-value, 45% light transmission, 60% solar rejection.

Roof structure to be formed with structural grade timber on weight bearing posts. 120mm thick rigid insulation and finished with sarnafil roofing membrane.

Foundations to be laid, suspended floor constructed with insulation and moisture resistant chipboard.

All walls to be plastered and painted.

Perimeter ceiling to be 700mm wide. Again plastered and finished.

Oak skirting’s, cills and aprons.

Electrics – 4 double sockets, 1 TV point, 1 light switch, 10 ceiling downlighters (we are to provide), 6 external downlights (which we are to provide) and 1 smoke detector.

Plumbing – 1 radiator to be connected to existing central heating system.

Evacuate foundation trench to a max of 650mm. 200mm concrete strip foundations

Build foundation wall to ground level. Build wall from ground level to house level, inc damp course.

Build wall to support timber floor

50mm site concrete solum on top of hardcore.

Build dado wall 600mm high in fyfestone

Build full wall (one side only) in concrete block

Relocate existing drainage rodding point

Floor coving is not included so we will have to budget for tiles in addition to the above quote.

Existing house is 18 months old and detached. The nearest wall is 1.4m from boundary fence.

Aberdeenshire location. No parking issues, skip will be off road on the driveway, no access issue, no parking costs or anything similar. Based about 5 miles from the company’s office.

Based on the above (or any other information you might need) does the price seem reasonable? It’s a bit more than we were expecting but it does seem a quality product that is being installed.

We were debating whether to go for a 5m or 6m length. Are there economies of scale to add an extra metre? Any feel on how much the extra metre in length would increase the cost by?

But mainly is the above quote reasonable?


I asked my father in law who is in the building trade and his first reaction was...bloody hell thats expensive. He expected it to me more like £25-£30k


He doesn't live anywhere near Aberdeenshire does he?
Unfortunately not, I don't think he could be further away.

We're currently renovating our house, so we've had to deal with the trades where needed.

My advice would be to ask around locally. Try not to use things like ratedpeople, the can opt not to publish rubbish reviews..

Try and get 3 quotes from different places, use local people where you can, and try to see if anyone can recommend someone and ask the builders if you can see any of their previous work.

Don't forget that the quotes depends on lots of things such as location, quality of building materials, how far they have to travel, working hours etc.

You might find that things are more expensive in Aberdeenshire due to being quite remote compared to say the heart of England.

Also, don't forget that's just off reading what you've put. There might be things in there that make it more complicated and therefore expensive

For example:

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