Orange SIM Card Compatability


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I have an SPV m600 and now that Im out of contract with Orange they kindly agreed to send me a Sony W850i which I have now received. The

plan is to keep my old phone (M600) and give the new one (W850i) to my son for his birthday (his first phone) but with a PAYG sim card.

Ive registered the new SIM card that came with the Sony, which now holds my existing phone number and the Sony works fine. Ive put the new

SIM card in my M600 and it wont let me send text messages saying that the phone isnt ready yet, wait 15 secs and try again. The phone

function works fine. I assumed that SIM cards were interchangeable between Orange phones, although I knew that some advanced

functionality may be lost, but not text messaging ! Anyone have any clues whats going on and is there a work round?? Thanks


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The plot thickens. My new sim card has full functionality in my old Nokia
6310i and my wifes sim card which is on Orange contract also has full functionaility in my SPV M600.
Anybody got any ideas. My three day wait for Orange technical services to get back to me is this luinchtime, and to be honest Im not holding my breath. They are a bit bl**dy rubbish to be honest.


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Hello mate, that's my post on xda, there are definitely 2 different sim card types, the woman I spoke to knew instantly just from the sim card number that it was incompatible

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