Orange picture on AV2 and not on AV1.


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I have a Sky+ box and a DVD Recorder set up to my TV. The DVD recorder is set up to AV2. The picture on AV1 is okay (still a little orangy) but the same picture watched through AV2 is really orange.

With the picture being okay on AV1 it can't be that the colours on the TV are set up wrong.

So I'm guessing it must be something to do with the DVD Recorder (LG DRT389H), right? I've had a look on the settings and there aren't any for the colour.
So is it something to do with the wires that are connecting it? Could they be faulty and not working properly or is there something else that it could be? Could the DVD recorder itself be broken or it's picture is just that way? (Didn't there used to be certain brands of TVs that always had a more orange picture?) Would setting it up using other wires instead of SCART leads change anything?

(Incase it will help) I have it set up like this.
TV AV1 -> Sky+ box TV SCART (=AV1?)
Sky+ box VCR SCART (=AV2?) -> DVD Recorder AV2
DVD Recorder AV1 -> TV AV2

I really want to get this sorted out. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks! :)
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Try a different scart lead between the recorder and TV, also make sure the scart plugs are pushed fully home and seated properly on both pieces of equipment.


With the picture being okay on AV1 it can't be that the colours on the TV are set up wrong.

Given that this issue may be addressed by the matters arising in your other post ... and you are likely to change your configuration, we'll wait to see if it is still an issue afterwards.


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It's still orange. :( It also flickers/flashes on really bright colours.

What else could I try?

Edit: It's sorted now ! :D
Thanks for helping!
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