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Mar 20, 2007
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Hi, just wondering if anyone else has had problems removing bundles from their orange account.

I've just realised that I never send photos, yet when I signed up they did me a "try" photo messaging, and it's one I've never tried to get rid of. Wish I hadn't now too :rolleyes:

I've been online, and selected to change my bundles, giving me confirmation that the only ones left would be my unlimited texts (dolphin 35) and unlimited ev&wkend data - but then a day later I get a text saying the offer is unvailable on my orange account and could not be actioned.

So I think, it's ok, it's an online problem, I'll ring them up. So I get through to someone, ask to remove my photo bundle as I'm not using it. I get told "I can't find that one on your account it the data bundle??" So I reply "no photo messaging - it's on my account coz it shows up on my bill and I pay for it so I know it's there" - reply is swiftly "oh yes I can see it now - I have removed that from your account"
Thank you - end of call. saved myself a few quid a month

This morning, same text comes through, we are unable to action your request as the offer is not available on your account!

Anyone got any ideas on this one? I'm going to ring them back at lunch but I get the feeling I'm going round and round in circles
If I were you I would ring them back, get them to take the bundle off again, take the name and ext number of the person and make a note of the time and date of the call so they can retrieve a recording of the conversation if it has not come off your next bill.

I have had to do this recently with Orange with a retention deal that they offered me but did not put right on my bill.
ideal, i'll try that thanks :smashin:

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