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I have an old orange pay as you go number that hasn't been used for a good while.I just tried recharging the phone and was greeted by the signal showing as zero.Contacting what is now orange or EE I was told the number had been deactivated due to lack of use, and that it cant be reactivated its gone off their system.Problem is the number is linked to a lot of my business web pages that I Need to resurrect,changing the number on the various web entries directories etc would be a near impossible task.I get the feeling I have been fobbed off by EE.Can the old number be assigned to another operators sim card


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I believe if you don’t use the phone for 9 months the number is deactivated , and the number is lost , it would be worth posting in the EE community forums for the best advice.

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It's 6 months of no use (common to a lot of PAYG). The number goes into quarantine and is then automatically reallocated to a new sim after that, there is no way to get it back after that has happened.

It is rather foolish to leave an important number on an unused PAYG sim card and in this instance will mean @bannerdan will have to redo their advertising with a new number (and pay more attention to the minimum usage requirements for the number to stay active in future).
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