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Hi All this is likely not to be the right forum but as its supplied by orange i thought i'd give it a go.

I'm considering signing up for this free broadband service based on an orange contract, my question is that can this free broadband service be cancelled at any time or am i tied in for a year or so? i have sky also and wish to use thier service when it becomes available in my area but i dont want to be lumbered with a 2GB usage limit for a whole year.. i understand that my phone contract will still stand but does this boradband have to last the length of the phone contract too? i cant find a dicky bird on their website to tell me.



Of course you can!

Bear in mind though that £10 extra gets you unlimited usage and free VoIP calls (off-peak AND peak) to landlines and Orange mobiles...Just got my 8Mb Orange broadband, speed test on adslguide is 7.4Mb/ two years the service has only been down once for 2 hours, and has never, ever disconnected spontaneously. VoIP call quality is good too, thought I wouldn't use it but it seems very clear and usable from what I've tested so far.

Dabble with Sky and their exchanges though if you want!

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