Orange Contract - Renewal / Phone recommendations?


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Hi guys,

I'm currently with Orange, on Dolphin 35 with UL Weekend and Afternoon Browsing 18 month contract with a K800i.

This is my first mobile contract, and I'm coming up to renewal soon in June, I'd quite like to get the best deal possible but I'm not sure how good Orange are giving a good deal at renewal? I'd quite like a free gift (Blueray Player, PS3, something like that) do Orange do that?

I'm happy with my plan, mobile reception is a bit crap in work, but I think I'd get a better deal bartering with Orange than I would getting a new contact on Vodafone, etc.

As I mentioned before, I have a K800i, which I quite like, as I mainly text and use the internet, I quite like the Nokia N95 Black, is this a good phone for this? What is the camera quality like?



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