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Any One Using Orange B/band (the Free One) On Xbox Live,if So How Are You Finding It ?,already Have Wireless Modem/router Etc Which I Use On Fairadsl With No Probs,but Need A New Phone On Contract And Like The Idea Of Free B/band.
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I have been with Wanadoo wireless and talk for 18 months and was paying £22.00 a month for broadband + free evenings and weekend phone calls with the talk service. It was excellent and worked well. I decided to upgrade to Orange broadband unlimited and it could be a coincidence but I have had nothing but trouble ever since. My extra phone line is non existent or not worth trying and now I'm waiting for the broadband service to be repaired as it has been cutting me off for the last 12 days and I have spent £16.00 on calls to tech support so far and they are still trying to fix it. I had no fixed contract with wireless and talk but Orange are now holding me to a 12 month contract and I have not had any decent service since I took it up.
It would seem that they are ok when it is working but if your line develops a fault it can take them ages to fix it. This could be the same for all the suppliers and the only thing that has kept me sane during this disrupted service, especially at this time of the year is that they have promised to refund me for my phone calls and lack of use. I will report in when the problem is eventually sorted and whether they compensate me but if I had the choice to move I would have, when you have to go through the frustrations of trying to get through to tech support and waiting on hold for more than an hour on a regular basis only to be told at the other end to reconnect a retest equipment you know is not faulty. And that they are carrying out line tests then they never happen.
I’m sure I have been stalled and they are having a major problems with either the telephone lines or equipment at the exchange or it could be with their servers but they will never admit what’s going on. My connection is fine when it is on but it keeps getting dropped and you never know when it will happen and it could be off for hours or days at a time. Can’t go on here I’ll end up writing a book on the experience. (If I survive the stress of it all)


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I've got said broadband & all seems ok at the moment,but we havn't had any problems yet.
The other day our new phone line decided to switch itself over to BT,when we tried to contact Orange we were on hold for 20 mins.eventualy we hung up & switched livebox off & the problem dissapeared.
I think like all b'band providers Orange dont seem to have enough lines available for tech support/customer service etc.
I havnt tried to connect the livebox to my 360 wirelessly yet,hopefully that will be straightforward enough ,as i have the tech knowledge of a frog,but knowing my luck it will go pearshaped & I'll be on hold till next xmas.........


I have finally been downgraded to 512kbps for my broadband as it was doubled up to 1.1mbps when Bt upgraded our exchange recently but I ended up getting an intermittant connection and my Voip phone service just packed up all together. I've been without the Voip phone for a month and hardly had any internet access for a fortnight. I'm about £25.00 out on tech suport calls and waiting to hear from Orange if they will compensate me for lack of use. It's been a learning curve as their tech support is not great and they take ages to get things sorted in the field. I'm now in a catch 22 because they have offered to refund my calls but I really should cancel and look for a better service from another provider. Trouble is they are all much the same. Also got the vibe that they will probably look after their mobile customers better as let's face it that's where their money is made. I don't use mobiles.


Must now say I'm in a terrible mess with Orange. They have refused to pay my calls and only offered one free month for good will and my connection is now back to a very slow speedtouch modem as the livebox is dead. I phoned for a mac code and was told I am now on a new 12month contract and that I am stuck with having to pay them for a service I can't use. My wireless and talk phone is not available and my connection is slow at 512kbps and comes to be even slower when I try to load up the Orange page. I feel powerless and I am now writing letters to try to get out of this mess. I tried again to contact tech support tonight to get the livebox working again as it seems to have been disowned by their network. The lady I spoke to was having difficulty making herself understood and eventually hung up on me. I am now writing to Orange to give them 5 days to put things right for once and for all or to give me a mac code and admit they tried but failed to provide me with a service within a reasonable time scale and cost me dearly in stress and phone calls and mislead me into thinking I would be reimbursed. I would not wish this experience on my worst enemy and you will forgive me for thinking that Orange are actually only interested in helping their mobile phone customer. Is it true that you can call them for free if you have the £30 a month mobile deal? It seems fare to get support at 7p per minute but believe me the lines leave you hanging on till you've lost the will to live and it soon mounts up. I have spent £28 to date and got nothing for it yet but grief. It takes them 7 days to reply to a letter and it takes them 5 days to reply to an email and their emails are always a standard thing about telephone customer support. I have now decided I will have to be without a broadband service until they can provide one and I will have to write a letter after every time I speak to them because I have no proof of anything they say on a phone. Last week when my connection was working for a few days all be it at the slow rate I was willing to accept anything as long as it lasted but for it to be back to worse than square one after all I've had from them I am lost for words.

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