Oracle or Xerxes ?


I have an Oracle mark I and a Roksan Xerxes.

The Oracle is fitted with an RB300 and a MC20 supreme and is in need of a new belt. Xerxes has an RB300 and an Audio Technica OC7.

Comparing them side by side, the Xerxes sounds fantastic, with great attack and rythmn. The Oracle sounds laid back (no PRAT) and has bloomy bass. It was about to go on Ebay, but.........

It has been suggested that the Oracle just needs a service kit (oracle provide everything from springs, damping rubbers, oil and belt for £150) to better the Xerxes. That sort of money is not a lot to spend, but I would rather not waste the it.

To compound the issue I have an Origin Live Encounter tone arm on its way and will probably be spending some cash on a new cartridge (possibly a Cartridge man music maker ).

Im using a Naim 72/140 with Neat Critique speakers and listen to everything from Nirvana to Ella but rarely classical music.

Should I sell the Oracle? Upgrade the Oracle and sell the Xerxes ? Your comments would be very much appreciated.


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Hi karkus, guess who!!!:D I would stick with the Xerxes. The improvements to the Oracle III-IV were far more subtantive than than what's in the kit, and the only real way to bring them in line is a new PSU & motor, which would be a tad more expensive than £150. But, it might be worth giving the kit a go, as you'd get the cost back from the sale on Ebay - if you're not convinced it's done enough to warrant keeping the Oracle. If it doesn't quite do enough, then you might let looks decide. I love the Xerxes, but a looker it aint!!! :D The Oracle certainly is!!!

Either way you can't lose, as both TT will fetch a reasonable price.


I suspected that the motor would need upgrading. If I used the OL kit then it would be around £500 add to that the Oracle service pack at £150 and I would be needing to go some to get the cost back. I would need a minimum of £1200 to break even.

So the poor old Oracle is on its way to Ebay, photos tomorrow.
Im not really sure what its worth, seen a couple of standard ones for around £800, they seem to sell better in the UK.

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