opus muliti room system



I am looking for the opus muliti room system, I live in the cambridgeshire area, I would like to see the product and how it works. Any suggestions would be great.


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Hi Soulman18, We're based in Cambridgeshire, we have the Opus system insatlled and ready to demo, the system is one of the bestwe supply across our range, it's extremely easy to setup, with the main control doing all the clever work, and the wall panels just run of the main control without the need of being set-up.

We can help with any multi-room set-up but you would be surprised just how easy the system is to use and put together.



Thank you ntslik.
I have just purchased a H30 optoma projector from your company.
I did'nt know that you where that close to me. I spoke to james
in stevenage thats where i thought your company is based.
I will have to save a bit more because i when't a bit mad with the rest of the house. But i will pop in for a demo on the opus.

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