Optoma vs Sapphire ALR 120” Fixed Screen


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Hello all,

I’m contemplating replacing my Optoma HD26 with an UST, namely the Optoma CinemaX P2, I like the idea of not having the projector fan noise directly over head as well as the upgrade to 4K.

Whilst researching, I‘ve seen it’s recommended to get an ALR screen (though not essential), which I’m quite keen on if it helps to improve the contrast ratio and black levels. My projectors have always suffered a bit in this area, even with my room being painted dark grey and having black out curtains, the white ceiling reflects a lot of light back onto the screen, which I should probably mention is a sheet of MDF painted white (not ideal I know). Also a pain when the curtains are open or if the Mrs decides to put the floor standing light on while we’re eating dinner.

Anyway, I’ve had a look at the specs of each and the Optoma has a higher gain of 0.8 whereas the Sapphire is 0.42, so I’m leaning towards the Optoma due to wanting to retain some brightness/vividness as it will most likely be darker than my current setup.

Just wondering if anyone has experience with these screens or been lucky enough to compare them directly? Or if there are other better alternatives? I’d rather stick to products available here in the UK than order from overseas as I’ve read a few slightly concerning things about fake ALR and quality issues and don’t fancy the hassle, although I know will have to sadly pay the price.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi not had either of the above but have had a cheep 100' acme screen from China . It was really bad fit and finish to frame (I had to use a grinder in the end !) Also a vava 100 screen (£ 500) really well put together and easy to adjust passion and tension . Both were 0.6 gain and no issues with material quality. Gave very similar picture . Now have a vividstorm and again it's picture is the same . They are all pet crystal I think so difference in above 2 may just be manufactures info as I think all screen material come from one factory . Hopefully a few can help with the sapphire as richer sounds sell them but optoma seems to be out of stock allot .

You do need a decent level of DIY for the fixed screen.

An alr screen will help with your ceiling

Also a little light overthrow on the p2 so a thin bezel will show on the wall but you have said you have dark walls

I have attached a few pics including a white wallto show how the screen helps


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Thanks for the reply and pictures! I think I may have read about your experience with Acme, part of why I want to stick to products supplied within the UK. I know the stock levels seem to vary quite a bit with RS, and I’ve missed their deal of 10% off the screen when bought with projector, though hoping I can talk them into it in store.

Thanks for advice re diy skills, I’m pretty handy on the tools so confident in that department, main concern is having a large enough floor space to assemble!

From the photos, can definitely see the improvement with the screen, especially in a bright room. Have you watched anything in 3D? I know my projector seems a fair bit dimmer with the 3D glasses on, even with its brightness boost. I don’t watch 3D too often, but looking forward to Avatar 2.


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Hi yes ive watch a few things (Avatar is probably the best)the 3d is good but darker so defo a night thing only for me .

The screen does improve the day viewing but it is also better for me at night as it sends the light back at me and doesn't allow it to light up the ceiling and walls so much


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I have a vivistorm ust floor rising screen. I think he has a great anti light effect during the day. Of course I haven't used another screen. In fact, you need better light resistance to use during the day. If you have enough budget, maybe you can consider vividstorm.


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Thanks, will look into them too. Leaning towards the optoma just because it’ll match the brand of projector so hopefully designed to compliment one another, but not pulled the trigger to place an order just yet, so will be doing more research. Thanks again for your suggestion!


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also have a look at XY screens they’re fantastic and can import from China

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