Optoma UHZ65UST vs Optoma CinemaX P2 vs Epson EH-TW9400 vs BenQ W5700


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New to projectors. 3d being important to me and 92" screen max fit for me, which of these will do 3d best? Any suggestion for best 3d glasses
Optoma UHZ65UST vs Optoma UHZ65UST vs Epson EH-TW9400 vs BenQ W5700
UHD not so important, but taking sharpness into account too (guess black level is another discussion) ... and debate about fake 4K.


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You have the same Optoma listed twice (so I'm taking that as UHZ65 and not the Ultra Short Throw edition) If that is the case, then this rules UHZ65 out as it cannot perform 3D. As for Epson projectors, the EH-TW9400, this is one of their most popular projectors and certainly performs well and easily outshines the UHZ65UST in my opinion for everything with the exception of 3D as DLP projectors are historically the class leader behind this, however, the projection that Epson have made over the years has really caught up compared to where they were a few years ago (with crosstalk) bridging the gap. As for the BenQ, I have never seen this model in action, so I'm unable to comment on it.

As for Sharpness, logically a single chip the DLP projector should be sharper than the 3LCD LCD projector because of the convergence issues that arise when aligning the panels compared to a single chip using a colour wheel, but in reality under normal condition from a standard distance using a standard screen when viewing good quality material, you would never feel short changed with either technology

I know this may have made your choice a little harder, but in reality, if I was choosing, based on overall ability, the Epson is the standout winner in my opinion for an all rounder and (taking into account I haven't seen the Epson) all the publications shouting about this projector including these AVFourms when they reviewed it, so this should give you a good idea which one to place at the two of your viewing list


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I am repenting why hi spent 3500 dollar on tw9400
After 300 hrs lamp running it showed. Blue dots.ge.they replaced it and still after running 270 he the new projector has same problem..hope they change it.pic attached


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More pics attached


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Don't buy Epson ..waste of money..my TW9400 is pathetic..check my experience ..I have shared
You can't base your experience of getting dust blogs as something everyone experiences, I'm two years in and never had one and I know the vast majority don't get this. I'm guessing it's an Air Con issue as you quoted dollars and almost every dust blog issue I have every read about is from US members and the one difference between us is Air Con.


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thanks for the info.
I am tending towards JVC DLA-X7900 now, but still haven't made my mind up

If you can get a new one at reasonable money then it's a great choice but out of warranty I'm less inclined to pick it especially when you can get the Epson with up to 6 years warranty with Richer Sounds or 3yr plus a further Epson 2yr warranty through a main dealer.

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