Optoma UHD50 vertical blur (double image)


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Hello, in March 2019 I bought an Optoma UHD50 projector and although it has been fine for the most part, something has always bothered me about it and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to fix it or pinpointing what could be wrong.

When looking at small fonts, the problem is most noticeable. The image seems to be doubled vertically ever so slightly. For example an 'H' would have 2 horizontal bars about an 8th of an inch apart on my 110" screen. Or if I were watching a star field, all the stars would be doubled.

At first I thought maybe I had installed the projector too close to the screen or at a wrong angle, but this seems more like a software issue. I have tried moving the projector further away and tried every possible angle adjustment, but with the exact same result. I am confident it is not an HDMI or a connected device issue because the projector's menu is also doubled, therefore it stems directly from the projector itself.


(Sorry for the bad picture, but it shows how everything is doubled, making the image look blurry)


(I put a page of sheet music in the shot to show that the doubled image is not the camera simply being out of focus)

When I first start the projector, the image seems to be crystal-clear, but it goes back to being doubled after a few minutes. I am trying to determine if the changing of resolutions triggers it. It is frustrating because I KNOW that this projector can look crystal-clear!

I have updated to the latest Firmware (C07) but the problem persists.

I have contacted Optoma by email but due to COVID I think they are really delayed in their response, so I thought I would start a thread in the meantime! Any tips to help identify the problem will be much appreciated.
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I just wanted to add that Optoma did get back to me with some basic questions but it went to my junk mail and I must have missed it :facepalm:. If they find out what's wrong with the projector, I will post the findings here in case someone else happens to have the same issue. Stay tuned.


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Welp... Optoma tech service was useless. They basically asked me if the focus ring was properly focused and that's where their expertise ended. They said I have to send it in to get it looked at. :(

Seriously, no one else has had this intermittent issue??? Impossible.

I bet it's going to either be something stupid that I could have fixed myself, or they will claim to have fixed it and the issue will persist when I get it back. *sigh*

Bye bye money. 🔥💵🔥 :(


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Update (Dec. 18, 2020): I sent in the projector for repair a few weeks ago and the estimate ended up being $820 + tax (CAD) to replace the formatter board.... :(

After going through all the stages of grief in the span of a couple of days, I finally decided that I had no choice but to get it done. It was either A) live with the annoying issue that made having a 4K projector useless, B) take it back and sell it cheaply and buy a new one (which is more expensive now than when I bought it less than 2 years ago), or C) go through with the repairs.

Well it was repaired and got it back today and I will hook it up tonight. Everything better be flawless...


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I am having the exact same issue... Please let me know how you go with repairs.

Unfortunately the only thing that I could do was send it in for repairs. Check out this page to know how to proceed for Australia: RMA Request | Optoma Australia

I hope that your's is still under warranty... If not, check if your credit card company can extend the warranty (if you paid with one). Good luck.


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In the menu try reducing sharpness.I have an Optoma HD82 and had a similar problem, oversharpening was producing blurred text..


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In the menu try reducing sharpness.I have an Optoma HD82 and had a similar problem, oversharpening was producing blurred text..
Can't hurt to try if the blurriness is minor.
In my case, the repair tech acknowledged that it was a pretty major defect with the formatter board and it had to be replaced.

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