Optoma UHD42 - force 3d mode?


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Hi all,

I've recently purchased an Optoma UHD42 - my first projector. I'm impressed, compared projectors I've watched on at friends' houses the image is sharp, bright, and even watchable in daylight in eco mode on a 92" screen.

The 3D capability is excellent (I bought the Boblov glasses recommended by another AVF user, good shout!) and I have watched some 3D blurays from disc.

However... I've hit a snag with watching 3D home movies. I have bought an Nvidia Shield Pro for media streaming duties, but the Nvidia Shield appears to be incapable of transmitting a 3D flag. On my TV that's not an issue as I can manually select 3D. However, the Optoma appears to need the flag to be set, the 3D options are greyed out otherwise.

Is anyone aware of a way to force 3D on the UHD42? I can't find any obvious way to do this in my receiver (Denon avc-x3700h) either.


I'm running the same setup (nearly, not pro version of the shield). You can't force it into 3D mode if the other settings on the projector are incompatible.

For me the issue was that I was outputting 4k from the shield and in that mode you can't put the projector into 3D mode. Once I made KODI output in 1080p I could manually select 3D mode via the projector remote. I think gaming mode also prevents 3D from working, but not entirely sure on that.

Still haven't managed to get it to autoswitch 3D on in the correct mode (SBS etc) though, even though the videos have the flags set correctly.


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Thanks Corptard - after reading your post I went back to it, and found that if I set the Plex client settings to enable "Resolution switching", it will switch to 1080p to play 1080 SBS demo clips, which in turn means the 3D modes are available on the projector. Thanks!

Next challenge... I've got to find a format that plays nicely with both Plex and the Shield and start converting my Sony MVC/MTS video!

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