Question Optoma UHD42, Denon AVC-X6500H Receiver and XBOX question. Noob needs help please


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NOOB Hi. I'm looking to convert my double garage into a home cinema/gaming room. Looking to use the next gen XBOX as my media centre for games (FPS semi competitive) and movies, etc, whilst running a 7.2.4 Atmos setup.

For the projector, I've been currently looking at the Optoma UHD42 with it's quick refresh rate and input lag at 15ms and then 26ms at 4K.

For the AV Receiver, I've been looking at 2018 Denon AVC-X6500H as it can do 7.2.4 straight out the box and no external power supply needed for the remaining two channels.

I'm not tech savvy and can't seem to find a answer on the internet.... :(

What would be the optimal way of setting this all up whilst keeping input lag at the minimal possible?

I've always been told to run everything through the AV Receiver then out to the video source. Obviously I want the X6500H to process the audio but would this create more input lag (and how much)? I've seen words like 4K pass through and I cannot find out if the X6500H has ALLM (Auto Low Latancy Mode)?

Or would it be better to run the HDMI from the XBOX to the UHD42 first, then a optical cable back into the X6500H?

I know the X6500 has ARC/eARC technology but I'm unsure if the UHD42 has an output to send the 4k/Atmos sound back to the X6500H? Looking at the back of the UHD42 I'm not sure of the inputs/outputs I'm working with and can achieve what I'm hoping for which is minlmal lag responce time and full Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 sound.

Sorry if my question seems muddled.

Many thanks for anyones help and experience.

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