Optoma UHD42 Console Gaming picture loss

Gary Gould

Novice Member
Is anyone else seeing picture loss/Searching source during gaming on consoles? I'm seeing it on PS4 pro, Xbox X and Xbox Series X.

Or does anyone have a work around?

The picture is perfectly stable most of the time but it looks to me to be caused by a change in resolution as most losses occur when returning to a consoles dashboard (Always happens) or in some games when accessing menus. Apart from that the picture can be stable for hours.

I've tested with a new 2 meter directly into the projector and had the same result as running through my AV amp which leads me to believe it's not a cable issue.

I've also contacted Optoma support and their email support guy seem to agree it's caused be resolution changes and I'm trying to get it escalated as I feel a projector advertised for Films and Gaming should be able to game without drop outs.

I'm running firmware System :C05 MCU M03

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