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hila friends, I'm thinking of upgrading my optoma 141x to an optoma uhd40. My question arises with the 3D issue, with my current projector that is full3D, I can watch my 3D SBS movies without any problem with my DLP link 144hz glasses. the fact is that from what I see, the optoma uhd40 supports 3D but not Full3D. Could you tell me what difference is there? I always see my movies from the MPC player on my PC, and they are always 3D SBS, can I still watch 3D? Thank you


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Looking at the specs of the UHD 40 it is not 3D compatible. There are basically two kinds of 3D DLP projectors. The so called DLP 3D ready and full 3D projectors. DLP 3D ready are mostly legacy projectors that can display 3D content, but you have to feed them with frame sequential content. They cannot process SBS, TAB or frame packed content. Yet, you still have the ability to play SBS, TAB or even Frame Packed content using the necessary hardware, basically a computer with an Nvidia graphic card with 3D vision drivers, and the appropriate software. With current computers, you can also emulate the so called quad buffer openGL instructions used by 3D vision to generate 3D content, using the SView player, an open source player capable of converting SBS or TAB content into different 3D formats, amongst which is frame sequential, which is necessary for these DLP 3D Ready projectors to work. On the other hand, Full 3D projectors are capable of processing SBS, TAB and frame packed content by themselves. This way, you can connect a Blu Ray disc player directly into these projectors, or play SBS or TAB content without the need of special software to convert it into frame sequential, which is definitely necessary for the old DLP 3D ready projectors to work. Said this, every current DLP 3D compatible projector is Full 3D, since DLP 3D Ready projectors are not manufactured anymore. This definitely includes native FullHD and 4K projectors (DLP 3D ready projectors are, in the best case, 720p native resolution).

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