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Reviewed by Phil Hinton, 5th December 2011.If you don’t have a dedicated bat cave and your best hope is a room with white walls and ceilings then the HD83 might just be the projector to have a look at. It offers good 2D images and in those conditions the lack of absolute black level and dynamic range are not such a great issue. Then add in the excellent 3D experience on offer and the price tag being asked and suddenly the HD83 can make a lot of sense.
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When you're calibrating for 3D, do you measure through the 3D glasses, to take account for the tint that they may introduce to the picture?


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Thanks Phil. A good clear balanced review. I am glad you referred to the competition and how that fairs in comparison, i.e. Panasonic, JVC and Sony.
Nice to hear about the strength of its 3D performance and the RF glasses performing well.

It is a pity Optoma did not get this out on the UK market a month or two sooner as I see the Panasonic is now being discounted, bringing it nearer to the HD83's price. Its going to make the battle even more intense.


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Thanks for the review Phil!

I also really like the comments on use in "bat cave" vs. "normal living room" conditions - I think this should be in every projector review.

As for myself, I only have a living room for movies - darker carpet, but light walls and ceilings. In this case, I wonder how much I would actually get from a JVC X30 in regards to blacks under these conditions...

I have seen the Hd33 in 3D and I was in awe how good it is on DLP.

BTW - does the Hd83 have treading for a filter? I am curious about what black gains possible from using a ND filter...

Phil Hinton

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will the h83 perform better than my vw60 in 2d ?

Only you can answer that question, as I don't know what your room is like, how you have your projector set up or what your video chain is. I would suggest that you try to find a good dealer and get a demo in store, or try and get a loan demo so you can try it in your room.


Phil Hinton

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Much appreciated :clap:

Here is the reply from Optoma regarding your question on taming the brightness and blacks.

Optoma UK said:
Hi Phil

I have just had some info back from the product guys as below concerning the ND filters.

As per your previous enquiry, the procedure to lower the black level on our HC range is as follows:

HD33 – The most recent MP shipments have implemented a focus ring that is compatible with 72mm ND filters. (they can be purchased from any Camera shop)

HD83 – In most cases Dynamic Black will be enough…but for smaller screen sizes, they may wish to us ND filter. There is no thread in the lens for one, (and it will cost too much to implement one) so they would need to make a bracket for the filter that could be attached to the ceiling mount. Alternatively they can use a Grey screen fabric to reduce the black level.

HD87 – The Lens IRIS should easily be sufficient for 99% of installations – it is quite aggressive in its lowest settings.

Hope that helps.

Hope that helps you with your question and thanks to Optoma UK for the reply.


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Thank you very much! I am still in awe in regards to much good communication there is with reviewers on this forum.

now - big decision - go for the HD83 or Samsung 64" plasma? ( both cost the same) - maybe just wait and see after CES 2012 if there should be a 3D upgrade of the Hd87 :D


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After a heap of chasing, and then getting the LBX crosstalk patch the unit didn't come back up after applying...dropped it off with Optoma at Watford yesterday...I hope Tony Perks and the crew there will fix early next week so that we can get it back!


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