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Apr 1, 2002
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Ok guys, my mate in my local SevenOaks has just rang to let me know his H30 demo has arrived..Im going to see it Weds evening..looking through my DVD collection below, what discs would you reccomend me taking to test for Rainbows, as Im not sure if me or the missus will be affected..

DVD List

Thanks for that...:mad: very helpful...:nono:
Without looking at your list I'd suggest Gladiator & LOTR (you do have them don't you :D).

TBH, any scene with high contrast eg. a dark scene with areas of brightness, candles in Gladiator etc. should do the trick.

Don't forget the end credits, white on black - probably the best of the lot to check for rainbow "susceptibility".

Take the Matrix 1...go to the scene where Cypher ( the baddie!) has just killed the two guys (Dozer and Tank) and is on the 'phone to Trinity who is in the Matrix. She is standing in front of some WHITE vertical tubular flourescent lights...if you don't see rainbows there, you're unlikely to be affected, as I saw it a lOT in that scene.
Good luck and let us know how you got on!
take a good old black & white film if you have any
when i had my H50 they showed up but have upgraded to H56 still there but not so bad
it might be me but i did notice them more when i blinked!!!
anybody else found this or am i a freak:confused:
Originally posted by smartiepants
i did notice them more when i blinked!!!
anybody else found this or am i a freak:confused:

Yep, blinking does exacerbate the rainbow issue. Easily solved though with a couple of carefully placed matches :D
LDR. Can you post a review? I went to sevenoaks in tunbridge wells but they didn't have one. They rang sevenoaks in sevenoaks who did and they were raving about it.
I'll let you know what I thought of it, if you are having trouble getting a demo unit, search the members here for Stuart Acey, he's Optoma's UK rep, Im sure he will be able to sort something out.
I have recently had a demo of the H30 myself, so if this reply isn't to late then hope it helps.
As someone has already said i would recomend Gladiator. I saw this running on the H30 and i would pay particular attention to the battle in Germania at the start of the film where there are lots of dark shades within these scenes which i felt the H30 really struggled making out.

Hope it helps.
Sorry for the late post but been busy (damn work always gets in the way of more interesting things). I didn't want to say to much as didn't really want you to have to many pre conceptions before seeing it for yourself.
I initially thought that it looked great the colurs were bright, bold and clear. At this point you must bear in mind that i was comparing it to my other choice a Sharp XV-Z91E. I found that in comparison to the sharp the H30 needed to be placed a lot futher back to produce an image of comparable size to the Sharp.

The real test for me though was the difference between the two machines at coping with different black levels and other dark shades. The H30 really put me off at this point. We watched the start of Gladiator the battle in Germania and some points of the scene were quite dark and i found that i couldn't distinguish exactly what someone was doing (loading a canon i think)? The Sharp however didn't seem to suffer any of these problems and i was suitably impressed.

I know there was a £600 price difference between the two but at the sort of money i'm paying out i don't want to compramise to that extent.

Please form your own opinions though as ive seen a lot of posts on this forum of people who have really thought highly of it.
OK, saw the H30 earlier today, We set it up freestanding on a box about 1 foot behind us, & projected an image onto an 8ft screen approx 11-12 foot away. Used the component-VGA adaptor with a Pioneer DV 757ai & quickly browsed through the menu settings on the H30. Ran LOTR to obtain a benchmark for colour/brightness contrast etc, spent only about 10 mins max on this & then flicked through a few scenes of the film. Next up we ran Monsters Inc & straight away ran the THX optimzer..we hadnt guessed too badly on the settings according to the results of the video tests.

When it came to the aspect ratio setting (The test with the circle) we experienced our first rainbow effect.

Ran a good few scenes in Monster Inc, and the colour and detail were excellent.

Attack of the Clones came next, and we put that through its paces, again the colours were excellent, and the blacks were really inky. No signs of R.E.

Matrix Time !! Ran the first chapter, the lobby scene & the scene mentioned above re Trinity/Cypher..I had a slight experience on that scene with R.E, however the wife & the dealer didnt see it at all, no matter how many times I re-ran the scene.

Finished off the demo with Gladiator, ran the opening battle, and TBH I couldnt fault it at all..in fact I would say the opposite of QT13671's experience, the detail was excellent in that scene/chapter of the film.

What we did find when setting up the machine however, and may explain QT13671's findings is that the contrast setting seems to work in a totally different way to any other PJ Ive seen before, in that when adjusting the contrast, the dark images would go darker & lose detail, and the lighter, whiter images would become brighter, as if the gamma was being adjusted. We noticed this when first setting the H30 up using LOTR, when Gandalf is standing infront of Bilbo's front door, and the clouds are to the left of the picture. So possibly, if the contrast was not set correctly, then the scenes that QT13671 viewed in Gladiator on his demo would then be darker and less detailed... thats just my opinion of course & I could well be wrong..

So to summarise..a thoroughly enjoyable 2 hour demo, with an image quality that far exceeds its £1200 price tag imo, excellent colour separation, inky blacks, no SD effect on a 8ft screen from a viewing distance of 11-12 feet, very low fan noise..would be even lower when ceiling mounted and thus further from earshot, some slight instances of R.E, but not constant, as Ive seen on other DLP PJ's

Overall score 8.5/10
Ive just had a demo of the H30 at Sevenoaks in Reading. They certainly couldnt have had much of a chance to set it up cos when I arrived he was repairing a component cable and the projector wasnt even setup to point at the screen. This is despiote making the appointment with them a couple of weeks ago.This is no bad thing though at least I know (well I hope) this gives a pretty good impression of how it is out of the box.

From my untrained eye I was very impressed, watched the fight scene from gladiator with the tigers and all, very impressed, good colours and blacks no rainbow that I saw, the throw distance was probably a bit too much for the size of their demo room but definately impressed.

Now all I need to do is demo a Z2 and panny 500 and maybe I'll be closed to a decision.
Just had demo in sevenoaks (head branch) yesterday with me bro. Rainbow IS there but only noticable on scenes where your eyes are flicking around. Having said that, it's like dead pixels, so if you look for them you'll always notice them. If you just enjoy the film it's a lot less noticeable. Compared to my panny AE500, the blacks are slightly better with more detail in dark scenes. The rainbow overall is liveable for the price - the only dlp I've seen with NO rainbow is the sim2 domino20. In fact, doing it all again I'd be choosing between AE500, Z2, H30 as they all have their good points and cost the same. Just my 2p worth.
Oh, btw no dvi-d input in h30 therefore not as future proof, but that's a minor point
I am a big fan of my H30 after deciding to keep hold of it. I originally sourced a demo at ProjectorPoint.co.uk in Richmond.
Very helpful people the demo room is pretty space age!
I ran a few of my own DVDs LOTR, preditor - great for testing. And I was very impressed, I think it beats the Z2 and the pannis for image quality and saturation.

If any of you guys are in middlesex/surrey I would recomend taking a look at demo of this machine. They moved on price as well.

9/10. Obviously there are gonna be artifacts in this price range but few and far between with this projector.

As regards to DVI-d / DVI a and digital connections. I wouldn't worry too much about that, it will be a very long time until everything is purely digital without there being a analogue / digital conversion somewhere in your system!:thumbsup:

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