Optoma Rd50/Rd60 real specification


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If it's all true they have been doing a lousy job of promoting their own sets.
They were quoting a 1500:1 contrast ratio where i got my set.
Main thing is picture quality which is superb.
I think different manufacturers measure contrast differently?


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Great picture quality and as long as i use a PC i can watch region one movies.For the same price of a top class DVD player like the Denon 3910 you can buy/build a Home Theatre PC that has a very good software DVD player .You can record Sky or freeview to your PC use it to play your MP3 files view your photo album & play games.
My old DVD player is past it anyway & needs replacing. :)

Has a very good article on how to overclock your TV card :devil:


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No other subsitute for a 65' rear pro dlp, otherwise I would of returned the set asap. The picture is first class but if you intend playing alot of consoles at 60hz or region 1 dvd's then think very hard.

A pc is the only way round the juddering motion and it isnt 100% guaranteed. But on the flip side you do get to play around with HD material and the results are stunning. The techinical support is about as good as a chocolate tea pot and your basically on your own. The manual is poor to say the least with only the most basic of instructions and you have to print it up yourself.

The RD65 is a good set but 60hz is its Achilles heel.

Im looking forward to the promise of 70'+ DLP sets. :zonked:

The bigger the better. Apparently the USA have 83' sets availible, but Im not sure if they are DLP. That would be a dream to own. :D


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I think we''ll be okay for support if something goes wrong with the set apart from the region one fiasco .After all for those of us who bought before they changed the advertising were given the opurtunity to send our sets back for a refund.
I can't see Sagem doing that if they can't resolve the HDCP isssue they keep contradicting themselves on whether it will be fixed.I hope they're not keeping an official statement of no fix untill after the Sagem axium 45 has had a good launch.

Check out this site if you want to buy a NTSC compatable Optoma RD50


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Hi, Thanks for the link to Discount electrical, any idea why it would be NTSC compatible?

It says so on their website, but thats copied from themescene before they knew.

When I spoke to them they had no idea wether it had any NTSC issues or not?


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