Optoma projector comparison: HD131Xe vs HD141X


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So after having some focus problems with my HD131Xe that rather turned out to be caused by rookie errors on my part, I jumped on one of Amazon's Black Friday deals yesterday and got an HD141X for £380. It arrived today and I've spent a few hours "calibrating" (I use the term loosely as I'm no professional) both projectors to compare picture quality.

I suppose this is a review of sorts, but mostly I just wanted to share my findings while comparing these projectors.

First of all, some notes about the setup/room:
  • Projecting onto a Lavolta 100" portable screen (80" diagonal for 16:9)
  • Distance from the screen is between 9 and 10 feet
  • Room has pale cream walls, a similarly coloured carpet and a white ceiling
  • Ambient light from the window and entrance to the room can be almost completely blocked out, but not enough to make the room pitch black during the day
I first tweaked the HD141X settings until a selection of movie stills and wallpapers looked good to my eye without sacrificing blacks/whites, then replicated those settings on the HD131Xe as closely as possible. Here's what I used on the HD141X:
  • Display mode: Vivid (User on the HD131Xe)
  • Brightness: 0
  • Contrast: 8
  • Sharpness: 15
  • Gamma: Standard
  • BrilliantColor™: 10
  • Dynamic Black: On (I've yet to notice this make any difference)
  • Color Temperature: Standard
  • Color Settings: untouched
And below are some photos comparing projections from both. I only took them with a Samsung Galaxy S4 and some tape measure to steady it, so I realise this is not a very solid comparison and pretty pointless for demonstrating sharpness, but I can say they're pretty much identical in that regard. The only real difference is in the brightness, contrast and colours - all of which I find are marginally better on the HD141X.

Left: HD131Xe, right: HD141X






Was it a worthwhile upgrade? Not entirely, but you live and you learn! Hopefully someone finds this useful. I would have been interested to see if the BenQ W1070 is any better, but I think I ought to keep away from projector sales for a few years. :D


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There is some improvement there by the looks of things. But I guess that's what you get when going from one "lower end" projector to another. While the 141 will be marginally better than the 131, it is unlikely to be night and day.

I recently had a demo of the Benq W1070, and it was pretty good. For what it is. I must say though, at the same time I had a demo of the Sony HW40es. It really was night and day, on some of the demo material at least.

Next time you are thinking of upgrading your projector, it is probably worth jumping price brackets. I suspect there will be little difference between the 141 and the 1070 either.

So from these £400-£500 projectors, up to £1000 would probably see significant enough improvement. The next jump from there is probably close to another grand towards the £2k mark. Then onwards and upwards (I cannot see myself ever spending more than that on a PJ though personally).

I personally had a demo of the W1070 to see if I could live with it, compared to a better projector. My current PJ is an old Optoma HD65. And I do like it, but it is limited now. I would probably have felt more comfortable at around the £1000 mark, with the likes of an Epson TW6600. However I couldn't arrange a demo anywhere local enough for me. In the end, I decided to break the bank and go for the HW40. I've had the HD65 for around 7 years now, so I figure in another 7 years, we'll have 16k Holograph stuff on the market or something. Where it'll be a worthwhile upgrade. The current 4k stuff is, alongside being too expensive, pre-mature. The content is hard to come by for a start.

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