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My Optoma projector offers its user interface via a web app embedded into the projector. So it can be accessed by any web browser. All good. Bad is that the app relies on Adobe Flash and support for this is being removed from all browsers by December 2020. So, once past this date and my browser gets an update then I will no longer be able to access the projector.

Based on my limited knowledge of the subject it would seem the solution (other than to buy a new projector that does not embed Flash) is for the embedded software app to be updated by Optoma (to support HTML5?) and released as a firmware update. No idea if this is practical but seems good in theory.

So this has been reported to Optoma technical support who said "it is a browser issue and so new firmware won't help. Try another browser. Or try another AV source". Hmmm.

Has anyone encountered this problem and has any suggestions? The projector is about 6 years old and so not otherwise at EOL. So I would expect anyone with a similar age projector will have the same problem. And given the lack of options available in that period then this is not specific to Optoma.



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There are no easy options and I do not know how computer-savvy you are. You should not continue to have Flash installed on a regular, every day use computer after the end of 2020, as part of the reasons for retiring Flash is its terribly bad architecture when it comes to security. So you could open yourself up for malware infections.

What you could do: use a virtual machine, Oracle's Virtualbox is a good and free (for personal use) choice for desktop-level virtualization and install a minimal Linux or Windows as a VM. This requires a reasonably powerful computer, but will work on top of your existing operating system (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD - not sure about Mac OS). Install a browser with Flash support (e.g. Firefox with plugin or Chromium with Pepper Flash) in the VM. Date the VM back a few years (i.e. not having the current year) and firewall it so that it can only access your internal network, but not the Internet. Do not apply updates to the VM.

That should give you something that continues to run Flash and keeps you secure at the same time. The back-dating is recommended as Adobe hinted that they might have a kill switch in Flash that would disable installed Flash players on January 1 - note that this is only a rumor at the moment.

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