Optoma ML550/750 and 3D

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    I know 3d is practically dead, but I have so much personal 3D content that I had to ask this... There is practically no information on 3D with these projectors in the manual.

    I don't have any device with VGA output (my laptop has one HDMI and 2 display port outputs). I play my 3D content in stereoscopic player. I don't have, or intend to acquire a blueray player, so all my stuff is home made SBS. I have read in some forums that 3D (DLP link) only works through VGA. Would a "display port to VGA" adapter do the job, or does it have to be a genuine VGA connection?

    I have also noticed that I can set the projector to 1024x768, 120Hz mode via HDMI (the resolution and refresh rate for 3D). I cannot see why 3D should not work, in the end if it can work on a simple analog signal, it should be ok through HDMI as well. Are there other factors at work here?

    Currently I am using anaglyph 3D with the projector, and I want to buy proper glasses if I would be able to get them to work.

    Sorry I am very new to projector 3D, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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