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Was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. Just recently purchased an Optoma hd87 which came with a standard lens.
Trying to find the shirt throw lens online somewhere and finding it a bit difficult to locate anywhere that's stocks this lens. On the standard lens box it stated hd86 on the side so assuming the hd87 takes the sane size lens?
Upon looking at the hd86 lens there seems to be more options out there in terms of sizing of lens.
My set up is currently, projector mounted 3.8 meters from a 130" screen/wall so would like to project the full size possible.
Can anyone help point me in the right direction of any shops that stocks these type of lens please or just some advice.


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I guess it is this lens Model H1Z1D2300013 that you want to know more about.

Found it here Optoma H1Z1D2300013 Lens
and here Optoma H1Z1D2300013

It states that this lens is a "fixed" (0,7 : 1 - short-throw fixed) if so, I guess that means it is not a zoom lens, so to fill your screen you need to move the projector to the correct distance and mount the projector there.


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That's correct the short throw lens has no zoom capabilities although the lens was designed for the HD86 which was it's predecessor

The 0.77 lens will need to be placed at 2.22 meters for a screen which is 130" (diagonal), so based on that the short lens will not work with your room requirements. Sadly the Standard lens will not work either as it needs a minimum throw from the lens to screen of 4.3 meters

I can only see one way of making this projector work with your room and that is to drop the screen size down to something like a 106" diagonal screen as this should just work for a measurement 3.8 meters from lens to screen


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Thanks for that, bloody expensive but i've also found another lens which is
Optoma H1Z1D2300013 short-focus lens (0.81: 1) for Optoma HD86 / EX785 / EW775 projectors.
But I can't find this anywhere and again it would be really pricey.
Also I found the Optoma EH503 and I'm pretty sure it takes the same size lens as its the same size projector. Upon looking on projector central it gives more options for lens.


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The best advice I could give you is to contact Optoma directly and see which lenses are interchangeable. It's been many years since I held a HD86/87 and know the lens was a separate box which the user had to attach, but I'm unsure if the different lenses are interchangeable from different models (although Optoma did have many variations of the same chassis). You may also find that not all lenses are available in all countries

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