Optoma HD75 - Owners Thread


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Anyone else out there bought one of these?

I got one over the weekend as a stop gap until the next wave of 1080p PJs become available. Its my first DLP, and unfortunately i suffer from rbe.

There was no place near i could demo a unit, so took the plunge blind.

Initial impressions are good. cinema mode is still very bright and good starting point.

It has very limited placement options with a 1.1 zoom i think. However I still manage to get a 90-100 screen from about 10.5ft.

Image has good 3d feel, very vibrant, nice and clean, that is on hddvd/bd though.

On poorer quality sources such as hdtv pc files the image is a bit overblown in colours and a lot of artifacts ( i think the word is dithering???) ...possibly more due to ffdshow / gfx settings and source quality....however the previous PJ I had ax200 looked slightly smoother image with the same files from memory... i have no knowledge on ffdshow setup so will have to play around to see if i can enhance the picture.

I do have to point out that im projecting on a white/green ( cucumber green) wall with this pj until i build my screen. The Ax200 was used with a 75" diy mdf screen with icestorm6 paint. So once i get the screen done i can evaluate properly.

Would be interested to know if anyone else has one of these and if they have any settings that they want to share. :hiya:
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i got 1 of these about 3 days ago.Been messing around with the setting myself to get the best out of it.I want the picture to be close to natural as i can.I have been going off hd65 settings but i know thats wrong because they are different specs.I am using a pc to playback media.And i got a hd-bd player for the pc.But i have noticed my head hurts a bit after viewing for a bit,and i have seen the odd rainbow.But i am going to put up with it and hopefully i get use to it.I am comming from a infocus in72 ,where i never had any rbe or headaches.I am projecting on a 90"screen. Will post my settings later but they are not the best at all.Hopefully someone can give us something to go by.How far do i need to sit from the screen for a 90"picture.Anyway will get back to u later.Its nice to see a thread on this projector because i cant find any at all.Also when u say u suffer from rbe,how bad is it.
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Hi Andy,

we may well be the only two mugs who bough this unit... :rotfl: nice to meet u :smashin:

I didnt know i suffered from rbe until i bought the unit. had a very breif test with an infocus i think at comet last month and didnt notice rbe on that.

noticed that i was a bit tired after watching a film, but am noticing it less as time goes on. Im gonna put up with it as long as i can then hopefully buy a 1080p unit sometime next year.

Iv taken some pics but i believe i need to host them myself so ill work that out in a bit.

As for settings I picked up on the hd65 thread about lowering BC , but not sure how much diff it made.

Need to get my screen sorted asap b4 i make any more judgements tho.
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I didn't realise the HD75 was so big. Looks like many of these Optomas use the same remote.


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i watched pulp fiction in 720p lastnight.Very good crisp image.Colours needs setting up but pleased with quality of picture.I will try to post some shots if i can get a camera and figger out how to add them to the web.Here is what i have in settings so far>display=cinema

degamma=video brilliant colour=3 truevivid=1 colour temp=medium image a1=off rgb=all set at 0


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The colour of the wall will affect what settings you have but try degamma on film instead and lower the brilliant colour by 1.


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i think iv tried that setting. looked better.

are other optoma units smaller then? this one is 20x30cm , its tiny compared to the panny i had before.


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Hi mate, long time no hear, :hiya:

im putting up an 8x4 mdf board which should give me a 90"+ did a quick test with the wife, we found 90-95" more easier to watch than 100", were sitting about 9ft away.

gonna order the material in the next day or two so hopefully it will be up and running by the weekend.


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and here's me thinking i was the only one :D

heres a few pics, ie .. call of duty 4, wipeout HD and some beowulf, not taken with the best camera in the world, but hey ... you cant have everything ;)


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i am no longer in the hd75 owners clan.My head could not take it anymore.I gave it a week but gave up on it.I am now in the panasonic ax200e clan:D.Had a demo of it today and was very happy with it.Dont think it was as sharp as the hd75 but i could watch it fine and its still a good picture and colours are very good.Would Just like to thank roy jowett for there great understanding of my problem.Anyway i hope the 75 is better for u guys than it was for me.Next time i think a demo is 1st before i buy.:thumbsup:


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i am no longer in the hd75 owners clan.My head could not take it anymore.I gave it a week but gave up on it.I am now in the panasonic ax200e clan:D.Had a demo of it today and was very happy with it.Dont think it was as sharp as the hd75 but i could watch it fine and its still a good picture and colours are very good.Would Just like to thank roy jowett for there great understanding of my problem.Anyway i hope the 75 is better for u guys than it was for me.Next time i think a demo is 1st before i buy.:thumbsup:

sorry to here you suffered with the dreaded RBE mate, but glad you are now sorted...

my mrs suffers with it aswell, she could'nt watch the HD65 but never saw it on the 75 ...


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tell u the truth i only seen the rbe one time.But my head was just in bits after watching it for 20mins or so.It felt like i had a massive hangover.But my misses was ok watching it and thought i was mad or going blind.But anyway the onlything matters is me:D:D..


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I suffer from rbe, but have decided to put up with it for now.

Im still constructing my screen. The walls been painted, mdf board is up. Need to paint the screen next and tidy up.

hopefully ill have some screen shots up soon.

as long as i dont get mad headaches from the rbe ill be ok, otherwise it will be in the classifieds soon, and back to lcds again.

Hope u fair better with the ax200. i loved mine when it worked.

Tabs - what screen are you projecting on to? white/grey? fixed or pull down?


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Tabs - what screen are you projecting on to? white/grey? fixed or pull down?

im using one of these, from this place DS-9092PMS Optoma Panoview 92 diagonal 16:9 Manual Panoview 92" Diagonal 16:9 Screen (Projectors Projector Screens)

its the 3rd screen ive had in under a year and by far the best .... a steal at this price, and it arrived next day aswell, so fantastic service to boot.

every screen ive had has rippled in a day or 2, but this one has been up 2 weeks and is still straight as an arrow :smashin:


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not had chance to post for a while as i been busy.

Finally finished decorating the games room and got the screen finished on Sunday night.

Firstly this by no means a ultimate cinema room setup as i share the room with my wife - iv geiven her a corner of the room to do her card makig/ crafting etc. also Im working on a very limited budget so just wanted to make it look presentable and get as much out of it as i can.

Painted the half the room a very dark green ( olive green ) the room was originally very light ( cucumber green ).

Bought a 8x4 mdf board and got it put on the wall. went for cloud slate 3 dulux paint from b&q.

Built a frame round the screen from beveled timber and covered this in £3/m velvet. :( unfortunatley my diy skills are not great so the mitred joins werenot perfect even though i used a new saw and cutty tool to get the 45dg corners but from my seating postion i cannot make out any faults, from certain angles you can see some flaws in my workmanship :oops:

I have aligned the PJ purely by sight so is possibly a bit out but for now its fine. i can tweak this in the coming days/weeks.

Obviously its a big improvemtn over using the wall, so now to the actual images.

I ran through as many hd files as i could before leaving for work.

all pics were taken using a sony hdr12 camcorder using the photo option @ 10.2mp. It was set on a tripod just in front to the right of the PJ so is at an angle.

uploaded them to fliker

Hd75 Screenshots - a set on Flickr

I watched finding nemo on sunday night - looked awesome. played some ps3/pgr4 and again very impressed with pic quality and color. colour is not as natural as the panny, its very vibrant which is partly down to dlp charcteristics.

I dont know how to judge the shadow detail but my gut feeling is it isnt brilliant. I say this as although black levels look fine to me, sometimes it looks like i should be able to see more. I.e black suits , in some scenes you can make out the texture of the suit and in others you cant, im not sure if this is how it was filmed or if this is due to the PJ.

Iv found that for some films i need to increase set brightness to give me more detail, and in others i need to reduce it to stop it looking washed out.

need to round up here and will post back more impressions and feedback later.


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Not a bad set of pictures considereing they were mostly standard rez I assume.:thumbsup:

The screens not to bad either,regarding the top right mitre just get a black marker pen and colour in the gap in the velvet.
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Very nice pictures indeed and a nice job with the frame. Enjoy your PJ.


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Thanks guys,

Im not too happy with the way the pics came out, used a hd camcorder ith a tripod and used the remote control to take pics so didnt touch the unit itself.

Photo mode was set to 10.2mp but the original files i pulled o the camcorder look pretty rubbish when you zoom in.

Iv seen photos on other threads looks sublime.

Now i know flicker will resize them when they are uploaded.

For now im gonna catch up on some tv shows / movies but the next project is masking. The screen size lends itself to a 235 image and im contemplating the ae3000 with its one touch memory zoom ;)

he hd75 was only ever meant as a budget pj for me until i decide what PJ i want....as long as my finances hold out. Having said that im gonna try and hold out for as long as possible...hopefully till the first price drop on the ae3000.

ill post a pic of the settings menu later for those with this PJ and want to know.

Further pics from hddvd / Bluray to follow....


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Found these calibration setting and gave them a go, and gives a surprising good picture, the only thing i changed was the cinema setting to bright,to me it just looked a bit flat with cinema.

Anyway its a good starting point,i'm sure i'll be tweaking it a bit more.

First off zero brilliant color, zero True Vivid, and using PC gamma which came closer to 2.2reference gamma.

contrast -7
Brightness -6
Color 10
Tinit 0
Sharpness 0

Advanced Degamma PC
BC 0
TV 0
CT warm
AI off

RGB gains/bias
RG 0
GG -5
BG -7
RB -1
GB -1
BB 0


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HI guys. Thanks for the posted info.
Have just got HD75 and I think its great - but this is my first PJ. I am lucky with having a dedicated room, blacked out, and a 2m Panovision screen. Still playing with the settings. PJ is about 10feet from screen.
The unit is VERY QUIET and so far no sign of the rainbow!
Any ideas how I can connect a VCR that has only Scart ??
The DVD home cinema system (Sony - in a box)
is great.
Cheers and thanks.:thumbsup:

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