Optoma HD65-I need advice please on connecting


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My Optoma HD65 was delivered yesterday.I bought it after reading the recommendations on this forum. I connected it to my DVD player using the green lead only and connected the red and blue to my stereo. The DVD projected black and white-no colour and I did not know how to fix this. Normally my DVD player connects to my TV with a Scart lead. I then attached the scart adaptor (which comes with the projector) into the DVD player so that the Blue computer lead could be attached to the adaptor and I then put the other end of it into the projector.This time the picture was bright red! and I couldn't change it.As you can see I don't have a clue how to connect this properly or what the cables are for. I don't want to go back to the retailers for advice because they previously informed me that I couldn't connect a Wii to the projector!!! Please Help, I don't want to leave my projector in the box any longer.


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mate red green and blue is a component connection you need to put them all into the back of the projector and then probably a coax or optical lead from the back of yr dvd player into your amp or if its an all in one system you have then just play the disc


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Ok looking at your connections for the Optoma I would connect like this.
1. If you have red green blue leads from your DVD connect them to the red blue green on back of your PJ for the picture . This will give you the best picture from your DVD, you will then need to connect either optical or coaxil from your DVD to your amp for sound.
2. From the Wii if you are using the standard conections you should have yellow red white. Connect the yellow into the back of your PJ for the picture and connect the red and white (for sound) to your amp.
Hope this helps.


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Thanks For your quick reply.
I'll go and get a coax/optical lead from PC world or Dixons as I haven't a clue what they are.
No doubt I'll need your advice once I have it. Many thanks again.-AM


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Thanks for you reply "Maverick177." My DVD is pretty basic. It has red and white audio, Yellow and and Orange?! -no green or blue. We normally used the scart lead to connect it to the TV. The red blue and green leads came with the projector.
I'll try to connect the wii later using your advice. Many thanks


Do you know the model number of your DVD player? It would be a great help


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hi ingy,

optoma provides a vga to scart adaptor for the pj. use this to connect the scart output of the dvd to the projector. suggest you go thru your manual and look for the diiferent connections for the pj. hope this helps.



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you can buy a new dvd player with hdmi out- sony with upconv to 1080p for £44 £10 hdmi lead 5m from ebay and your away. If you have been using scart then you have been missing out and upconverted dvd on this pj is excellent .



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Thanks to the excellent advice form all of you and from a gent in Maplins Liverpool I purchased a black lead to plug into the "video"output on the projector and then into the yellow input of my DVD and it worked! It was fantastic! My kids watched Transformers and the picture was twelve foot across and really clear picture. I can't imagine how better it could be if I had an HDMI-out DVD player, can you tell me what model the Sony DVD player is that you are talking about and where you got it from please.
Also, thanks to the advice from Maverick177 I also set up the Wii and again the picture quality was excellent.

Thanks to everyone for your advice, it was really appreciated. - AM

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