Optoma HD27E lamp ignition failure?


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Hello all, I hope everybody is well.

I'm hoping somebody might be able to shed some light on an issue that seems to have developed on my Optoma hd27e. The projector has been working fine since I purchased it new nearly 2 years ago and it has seen daily usage.

I tried turning it on recently and the lamp failed to ignite and the projector seemed to be in some sort of start up loop. The is a small amount of light coming from the lamp when its attempting to ignite but this disapears after a few seconds. The colour wheel and fan seem to start up fine with no issues as I can hear them both and they sound no different to normal. After 3 attempts at starting and the lamp failing to ignite it brought up an error code which consisted of the lamp light staying red and the power light flashing red which after viewing the instruction booklet, meant a lamp failure. This surprised me since the lamp should have had plenty of life left and showed no earlier signs of failing.

As I wasn't 100% convinced it was the lamp, I decided to purchase a non original lamp and housing from amazon. As I suspected the replacement lamp did not change the outcome and the problem still persists. Now I could have been unlucky and recieved a faulty replacement lamp? It was not an original part and I have heard of others having issues but this is probably unlikely. There is the option of buying an original lamp but I don't want to spend the money while not knowing 100% it will fix the issue.

If anybody has had similar issues to this and found a solution then please let me know.

I have taken a video of the projector trying to start up:
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My HD141X started doing this exact same thing tonight. I recently replaced the lamp and color wheel. I came here looking for an answer.


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Try this and see if anything here helps. I'm going to try cleaning the photosensor to see if it helps and see if the reference mark came off the new color wheel already.

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Howdy folks. Captain here.
I picked up a 141x off eBay a few days back that had this same exact problem. I took it apart and compared it to my personal 141x to see if anything was all that different. It took me about 4-5 hours but I think I managed to isolate the problem. I was able to reproduce the issue in my working unit by disconnecting the photo sensor. When I did that, the unit wouldn’t power on the bulb (and if it did it only powered on for 1 < Second) and then went through the weird boot loop 4 times in total before shutting down. Then, the projector would go into some sort of protect mode where the lamp LED was solid and the power was solid (both red).
Now on to the solution-> the color wheel has from the manufacturer a black point of reference on the spinning metal cylinder that the photo sensor uses to determine the color wheel has spun up properly. In the video posted by another user, the person uses a piece of black tape to replace the black bit of plastic that broke off. I just used Black sharpie and the unit started working properly after I added that point of reference for the photo sensor to work properly.
I’m willing to answer any questions you all might have.


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Before I even found the above video I was all but certain my issue was the photosensor especially since my color wheel was brand new. This seems to confirm it, thanks for the feedback! Now, I have to decide if I want to be without my main TV while I wait 2 months for a new sensor from China for $20 or do I just buy a new projector... decisions decisions.


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Thanks for your replys.

As a last attempt before buying a new projector I decided to try an original bulb replacement from another supplier. This was double the price of the cheap alternative from amazon that I purchased originally, but my projector now works again...YAY!

I can't believe it, I've spent so many hours looking into ways to try and fix it thinking it was something major and it turns out it was something so simple. It didn't help that the symptoms I was getting can be caused by so many things ie faulty power supply, faulty lamp ballast and faulty colour wheel.

As the saying goes - buy cheap, buy twice.

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