Optoma HD25 - Possible Great Bargain


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Hi all

I've been hunting for a decent pj again and chanced upon these two Germany-based sellers on Amazon selling the Optoma HD25 silly cheap. The 1st of the 2 has some mixed feedback, but the 2nd seems pretty solid. A few instances of incorrect listings, but those affected have been re-imbursed. I kind of figured it was worth a punt because if it pans out then I've got steal of the century. If it doesn't I might have to wait a week or two for my money back.

Anyhow, the link: Amazon.co.uk: Buying Choices: Optoma HD25 3D Ready ProjectorAmazon.co.uk: Buying Choices: Optoma HD25 3D Ready Projector

I can, in no way, vouch for this offer, but thought it worth sharing just in case anyone else fancied a punt :)


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Does seem a trifle odd, but the page definitely seems to allude to the Projector. My confirmation of order also outlines the full monty.

Peter Parker

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I noticed that too, but as bilbo says, everything including spec, dimensions etc refer to a pj and not a lamp. I'll be interested to see what reply you get.



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Cracking deal if it comes off, for sure :) Amazon is pretty risk free anyhow. I'd probably PDF the whole webpage, and email it to myself, just in case...

>edit< if you look at their listings they have a very similar catalogue. I reckon they are both using the same drop-shipping warehouse, and it has come through on a datafeed that they've pumped into Amazon. That isn't to say that is isn't a real price and you won't get a PJ for that, but it explains why it has come up from two sellers.

I once had a situation where some custom labels we'd free-issued to one of our suppliers ended up on Ebay, listed by a few different companies. Similar kind of thing - they were offering a drop ship service too, and someone had checked the wrong box which put our free-issue parts into their main catalog...!

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