Optoma HD230x vs HD23 differences?


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Does anybody know the differences between these two PJs

In my experience. The X Versions Tend To be the same as the none X Versions if you get me.

Its Black and will probably only have 1 years warranty instead of White and 3 year warranty.

In my eyes

HD23 And HD230x are the same

just like

HD33 And HD300X



Optoma seem to do it alot, they maybe the odd light difference but im sure there all identical to each other
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A dealer once told me that they use cheaper parts in the 230x ect and the quality of the isn't as good, 3D isn't as good nor is the picture hence the price difference but that might be down to the cheaper parts. The warranty is also a lot less. Usually the 230x ect is £150-200 cheaper

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