Optoma HD230x Lamp Fail LED


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Hi All,

I’ve got an Optoma HD230X that’s a fair few years old now. Was working fine when it was put in storage when we had house work done and we’ve since moved.

I unpacked it this morning half expecting it to not work but it fired up okay. Whilst it was on I noticed the lamp hours was around 1500 hours.

I turned it off to test different locations for the projector and when I turned it back on, it didn’t work.

The lamp lights up but not a full beam, I can see/ hear the colour wheel spinning and the fan spinning. The sequence of lamp/ colour wheel then fan happens three times before the projector shuts down and I get a flashing amber power LED and a solid red Lamp Fail LED. I’ve reseated the lamp and examined it- looks fine, no discolouring and the filament looks intact. As I said, the lamp does light but it never gets to a full beam screen.

Age/ use suggests the lamp needs replacing but the fact the lamp lights up makes me think maybe it’s not the lamp? Any ideas how I can diagnose/ fix? Happy to buy a new lamp, just don’t want to buy one to find it doesn’t fix the problem.


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