Optoma HD230X - Brown Mark on Top Left of Projected Image

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    My 13-month old Optoma HD230X projector has started showing a Brown Mark in the top-left corner of the projected image. It is about 1 inch wide and travels about 10 inches down the left hand side where it gradually tapers off. Photo attached - it is quite difficult to photograph but I think you can make it out.

    Has anyone seen or come across this before? I have just over 1500 hours on my projector and bulb, which is rated for 4000 hours.

    I've emailed Optoma support but as it is a bank holiday I know I won't get a response.

    Also where do I stand with the Warranty? I bought it around the 18th July 2012 last year. Isn't there a clause under the sales of goods act that a product has to last a reasonable amount of time?

    Many thanks for your time and comments.


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