Optoma HD20 and HTPC resolution issues


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Ok I have just switched from an older Mitsubishi HC1500 720p projector to an Optoma HD20. I have it hooked to my HTPC through a Harmon Kardon AV-354 receiver over HDMI.

A week or so ago I borrowed an Optoma HD-180 from a friend and plugged it into my setup to see what I was missing. I was blown away with how crisp and smooth the text onscreen was as compared to the HC1500 and decided on the spot that it was time for me to go 1080p.

I got my HD-20 today (basically the exact same projector as the HD-180 from what I've read) and upon hooking it up I notice that the onscreen text looks just as jagged and terrible as it did with the HC1500. When I used my friends HD-180 I didn't make any adjustments whatsoever, I just plugged it in and was pleasantly surprised.

What am I missing with this HD-20? It says it is receiving 1080p at 60Hz.

On my HTPC side I am running an AMD 4870 with dual video out. I am using the dvi-hdmi adapter to run to the receiver. Windows 7 detects the secondary display as AVR-254/5/354.

I don't know what else to check, why does my display look like crap?



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I hooked it up to a spare laptop with a native res of 1920x1080 and the resulting display on the projector looked much much better. For some reason the HTPC isn't sending the right resolution perhaps?

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