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Nov 8, 2015
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I am trying to install optoma hd141x on the ceiling but the supplied cable is only 6 feet. For my installation I need about 15-20 feet long cable. I am looking at few cables on Internet. Does anyone have a good suggestion on brand? Should I go with 16 or 18 awg?
If it helps THIS is the cable i used for my projector (optoma hd131xe) and its worked fine. I did swap over the fuse though with the 5 amp one that came with my projector.
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I'm thinking of buying an Optoma HD141x ... how's it working out for you? Also, I gather from the installation manual online that you need to leave a 10cm (4") gap between the unit and the ceiling ... is that really the case!? Seems a bit strange ...
I bought it and my basement is literally dark. We don't have any window and once I turn off light I don't have any issues with light. Having said this. I absolutely love it so far. I am kind of using it to project approx. 150 inch and I don't have any problem.

I bought optoma 'a mount and I already have 4" gap. I could be wrong but I think most ceiling mount would leave that much gap.
Glad to hear it's all good ... weird about this gap, because you don't need it obviously if it's sitting on a table .... but then I guess heat rises so maybe with no gap it's more prone to overheating.

I'm looking for a 120" screen - so no problems you think with this projector at that scale ... good to hear that!
Thought you'd sorted your original power lead problem ... but, sorry, based in UK myself, so can't help
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