Optoma H79 - Matching DVD-player ?



Can anyone suggest suitable matches for DVD-players to be used with an Optoma H79 projector ?


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I have been using a Pioneer 868 with my H79 and the results are very good. I use a 13m HDMI to DVI lead from Supra with the two units. Anything specific you are looking for in the player?


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Hello All,
I have a H79 running on a Samsung DVD-HD950 DVD player hooked up with a QED HDMI -> DVI cable @ 7 meters long and the pic quality is fantastic i think. The player also has composite, scart, s-video and component outputs too along with upscaling. The s-video into the H79 is also really impressive compared to what i expected. At a little over £100 for a HDMI enabled DVD player i dont think you could go wrong although i hav'nt had an opportunity to hook up other types to compare, i hear that the Denon players are also impressive.

Hope this help's

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Arcam DV29 is the business :thumbsup:
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