Optoma H78 -and BluRay


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Since getting my BD30 BluRay player I have been a little under whelmed with the PQ quality on the projector.

I feed the BR thro and Iscan to the PJ at 720p

Although the image is comparable to SD it lacks what I thought I would get ie wow factor. I have also noticed that films stutter a tad. Could this be because I should just use the Iscan bypass mode. It’s currently concerting to 48htz.

Believe it or not, having read some reviews, I may be considering an LCD PJ next time. The Mitsubishi 6000 gets good reviews and seems to excel in the sharpness department which is one of the areas that the H78 let BR films down.

Am I expecting too much and if so what other PJs would give me a suitable jump in PQ quality?


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Not sure if the PJ would accept 24fps.

Would this not be the same as using 'bypass' on the Ican?

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If the PJ doesn't support 24hz it may just revert back to 60hz. I would try connecting it directly as well. You should see a huge difference between 480p and 720p when fed a good HD source.

You could also set your source player to output 720p or 1080i which should hopefully eliminate the judder you are seeing.


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I found that BR was fantastic on the H78. It sparked me to get a HD80... which really was not a huge step up from the H78 if I'm honest.

I personally didn't use any scaler... just direct Samsung BR to H78.

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