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Optoma H31 & DIY Screen

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Ted_Saint, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. Ted_Saint


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    Optoma H31 & DIY Screen

    Hi all. I'd been committed to eventually going with a 51" JVC D-ILA rear projection at $3500 (Canadian). I briefly considered front projection some time ago, but dismissed it with high prices and unwanted room-altering screen-setups.

    Now I'm committed to the Optoma H31 16:9 DLP projector ($1500 CAN), strictly for DVD (no HDTV); and a portable DIY "screen". My wife doesn't like the idea of a huge screen for day-to-day TV, so I've proposed we keep our 32" JVC D-Series in its current location and set up the projector and screen only for movie nights/weekends.

    I've decided to go with a "constant height" design and will use black "manual curtaining" on the sides of the screen to horizontally frame all the different aspect ratios of my DVD collection (1.33 - 2.35). The top and bottom will be timmed 1"-2" in the same material.

    The screen area will be painted flat-white to start, with a sponge roller for a smooth finish. I may later opt for aluminum/silver. I'd originally thought foam-board or MDF, as some others have used, but suddenly realized the potential of a "slab" door (78" x 34").

    With the H31 at 10', the projected area for 2.35 aspect movies will be roughly 72" x 30" (78" diagonal). This smaller size should provide an extra bright image and still be appropriate for our planned viewing distance of 12'. As my screen will be "set" on the TV stand (in front of the TV), the door thickness would also provide a stable base with no other supports needed.

    I am eager to enjoy my collection as they were meant to be seen, but would appreciate any comments you may have; so I may assure my wife I consulted the "pros", before spending our hard-earned Canadian bucks!


    Wayne St.Onge
  2. MississippiMan

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    Oct 15, 2004
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    Consider getting your hands on a 4' x 8' peice of 1/8" thick Clear Acrylic Plexi, or better still, the same size Acrylic Plastic Mirror. With some due care, and paint available at your Home Depot, you can get a DIY screen that will make that H31 look as good as it's Big Bother the H79

    I can assist you in your efforts if you need it. actually, I'd advise that rather strongly.:lesson:

    Look to the "Light Fusion is here" thread for pics and info.

    I know one person who has seen the difference between what I'm suggesting for a DIY screen and a $2100.00 USD Stewart StudioTek 130, and found that there was no difference, excepting that the StudioTek didn't offer as much "Bang for the Buck".

    As you correctly assumed, a 4' x 8' peice of anything cut to a smaller but accurate Format's diminsions will only help that Optima do that much better. But know this, my DIY applications allow you to sit much closer than your expecting to be limited to. so you can either go "Bigger" somewhat, or sit closer to the same effect..

    Good luck.

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