OPtoma H30 V PT-AE300...please help!!!


Daithi Lacha

Hi I need urgent Advice as I'm poised to buy a PJ with my credit card and I'm a total newbie

I have a few questions to put to anyone who may be kind enough to answer them, just before I make my decision.

Based on comments I have read on these forums, I am now trying to decide on the Panasonic PT-AE300, or the Optoma H30 (as i see websites and mags writing, "go for DLP, go for DLP!")
However if you have a PJ and if YOU could buy one today, with a budget , say around £1000-£1300...( bearing in mind I can claim back the VAT)

Q.1: would you go for the LCD PT-AE300, (or for that matter, the Hitachi PJ-TX10 or the Epsom TW10) or go DLP with the Optoma H30?

Q.2: I have been offered a new PT-AE300 ( pixel checked) and 106" ceiling/wall (manual) screen (model:Draper Luma) for £1150 inc vat and delivery. Is this a good screen, what screen is better, and more importantly, is it a good price for both?

Q3: I will be sitting about 15 ft away from my wall which will take a 106 screen. I really want one, but I NEED a screen that big with a distance of just 15 ft?

Q4: I can't ceiling mount the PJ, so it'll have to go either behind the sofa on a stand (any height I want really) or on a coffee table in front ( about 18 inches high). Which is better and what size picture will I get from the PJ being 14 or 18 ft from the screen?

and finally, last question (as I'm starting to bore myself now...)

Q5: do good leads really make all that much of a difference and if yes, which one's work best with the PT AE300 or the Optoma H30?

Thanks for reading this!

I hope someone can help before I buy in the next few days because I don't want to buy a PJ without asking expert advice first...and that means you.

I can only give advice for one thing here. If you want DLP you *MUST* go demo the unit first as DLP have a problem with some people known as the rainbow effect.

This varies form person to person so you might be ok but if you are subject to rainbows then you can feel sick, nausia etc. when viewing.

Read the Sticky FAQ in this forum for some good advice, like the below copied link.


is there any point in buying a pt300
whenthe pt 500 is almoost the same money
as for dlp see kramers comments on sharp xv z91e
and his remarks lcd v dlp
see reviews for optoma on avsforums.
i have the sharp. the optoma cost less than i paid
the sharp .a respected reviewer on avsforums rates optoma better than sharp
is there any point in buying a pt300
whenthe pt 500 is almoost the same money
as for dlp see kramers comments on sharp xv z91e
and his remarks lcd v dlp
see reviews for optoma on avsforums.
i have the sharp. the optoma cost less than i paid
the sharp .a respected reviewer on avsforums rates optoma better than sharp


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Sean G.
Your right.I blame my keyboard it's wireless
and has been seriously playing up requiring repeated keying.
thanks for the replies!!!

I've seen PT300 for as litle as £895 inc vat. Is the PT500 almost as low as this now? And from reviews I've read from the 'States, yes, the PT500 is better, but only marginally. Most who upgraded from a 300 to 500 said they would think twice about it.
Not enough in their eyes to warrant the extra expenditure.
For me, it really is still between the DLP optoma H30 and the LCD pt300 or 500 at the moment.
i hear great things about the panasonics, anyone who owns one loves it, but apparently the optoma has a better pic by far. The only trouble is, I've seen another discussion on this forum about the service from Optoma and it wasn't complimentary!!

any more thoughts?

Some things come to mind to help you decide.

1. AE500 has high res native (1280x720 i think) screen res so things like web surfing and PC games will looks great using the higher res.

2. DLP usually have much smaller res and trying to surf the net on a 856x400 screen isnt going to give you much page

3. DLP is known for its better contrast and more cinimatic feeling to film, this is something you need to demo to appreciate it i believe.

4. The difference between the two projectors AE300 and 500 for me would be the extra Resolution for a an extra 200-300 quid for the 500.

5. You can be effected by Rainbows on DLP

6. On some LCD you can see the pixel spacing (Chicken wire, mesh, grid etc..) but I belive this is almost gone with AE500. Not sure about the 300.

7. Look for a dealer that does 30 day money back. If your not blown away by which ever pj you purchase then swap for another.

I have an AE100 (approx 1600 hours on lamp) and I am still happy with it for watching DVD, its amazing and still beats any TV i could wish for. I want a 500 myself but will wait till after Uni before buying.

those would of been my negative comments but i must say that was a bad day and i was a little P****D at optoma. it has become apparent i have a rouge unit.

with that said dont let that put you off buying a very good PJ. as id rate panasonics services alot worse than optoma by far...

personaly i cant advise to buy LCD as i hate em. i demoed quite alot and have never been impressed. black needs to be as near as poss to black and not gray.

you also can get used to rainbows to the point that u dont see them which is true in my wifes case. but thats if u do see them

check out this link for a well respected guy who reviewd the H30.
Why not also demo the H56 as the pic is awsome for the cash pretty much identical to a ht1000 and in cases better
optoma also give 3yr warranty.


oh yes this has screen shots as well.
Sorry Gandley, I didn't mean to quote you !!
Speaking of wives, if I get this choice wrong, it will NEVER be forgotten!!!!!!!!! (So that's why I'm bugging you guys for all the expert advice!)
I appreciate your further input on Optoma H30 and I think you're right...I'm gonna view the H30, the H56 and the two PT's at a dealer.
Now does anyone know a dealer(s) who has Optomas and Panny's in the North West of England?!
Have car will travel!


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