Optoma GT 7000 vs. HD65 vs. InFocus x9 vs. LG AH215

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Hello everyone.. So, I'm just doing a bit of research as I want to get a projector. I would mostly be watching films and a bit of tv.. I first started my search online browsing various websites and as my budget is around £600 the InFocus x9 seems like a popular choice.

I live in an open plan space with lots of light and though I would mostly be watching the projector at night, I'd still like it to be of a pretty good standard in the day if possible..

Apart from briefly thinking I want to go for a Canon XEED SX60 as there were a couple of 'refurbished' ones on Ebay for a good price, I wasn't sure I wanted to gamble, even though it was through an official Canon-represented seller.

The Infocus x9 seemed like a good choice for the price, 2500:1 contrast ratio, 3500 hour lamp life, 28-30db noise, 1800 lumens...

I took myself around Tottenham Court Road and went to check out some projectors instore.. Obviously this complicated matters.. First store I went into, the man was trying to sell me the LG AH215. He said the reason Optoma and Infocus sell their projectors slightly cheaper is because they get you on the cost of lamps in the future whereas with the LG lamps are under £100 and last 3000/4000 hours.. other spec: 1800 lumens.. 23db noise.. 2500:1 contrast ratio..

I then went to another shop and the guy there tried to sell me an Optoma GT7000. He mentioned that it has a lumens of 1600 and that I would not want any higher than that as for home cinema the strong colours would hurt the eyes after a while if the lumens was any higher even considering my bright roomy environment..???? The contrast ratio is 4000:1 (pretty good, right?)

So, based on all that and/or what you may also know from experience or further expertise, what do you think? The HD65 also seems like a somewhat safe bet but the x9 seems generally more critically praised..

Any help, feedback, comments would be much appreciated!!!


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the HD65 and GT7000 are identical spec-wise,and in all honesty are the same projector,except the HD65 comes with a 3 year warranty, as its part of the themescene brand, and is white, and the GT7000 comes with a 1 year warranty, and is black, and comes with some poor quality mini speaker system(IMO),and a bag to carry it in.

and the bulb for the HD65 can be had for around £90, so that throws his info out of the window.

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I would most probably get my speakers separately anyway and have seen both Optomas and prefer the HD65 aesthetically, not that this is a major factor, mind.. 3 year warranty is good though.. the LG has a 3 year right-out swap warranty which is pretty impressive.


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i always get suspicious when they try to "sell" you something..whats the motive?

if you need a screen, you can get the optomaHD65 for £499 with an 84" screen from littlewoods direct(some people, including me received a 92" screen in place of the 84" though,but dont pin a hope on receiving one!).

or you can go and get a test viewing if they let you,to decide on one of the others you fancy.
the LG seems quite new, so i guess theres not a lot of info on it,to tell whether its any good or not,and the same goes for the GT7000, but currys, sell it,and my local one had it on display running.


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help guys am torn between the infocus x9 nd hd 65. which is better and does the fact the people say the x9 has limited control and is not good for watching standrd dvd or Sd TV justify its 100 pound more than the hd65

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