Optoma-EP720, some advise?


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Hi, im looking to get a projector for a spare room i have, nothing special just want it to play dvd's well and games. Just going to project onto a white wall, i was looking at the optoma HD65 which seemed good but just out of my price range, so what about this one?

Optoma EP720 DLP Projector



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It certainly will do the job, of projecting a picture. :thumbsup:

However, with a lot of DLP data projectors the manufacturers introduce a "white segment" into the colour wheel. This introduction is great for data machines because it allows more white light to travel through the colour wheel, which in turn means a brighter image, 2000/3000 ANSI etc.

The downside is that "white segment" will introduce a picture artefact called the "Rainbow Effect" RBE for short, which is a real no no in the home cinema projector world. Have a search on these forums for the “Rainbow Effect” :thumbsdow

The EP720 has been upgraded to the EP720i.

What is your budget if the HD65 is out of range?


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mmm yeah i have read about the rainbow effect. i was hoping to spend around £350-£400, cause it isnt going to be used all the time.

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