Optoma EH470/EH416e in a home cinema context?


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Hi all,
I am currently trying to buy a new projector and posted recently asking about UST, which are not ideal for my living room layout, and my only other viable option is a long throw projector small enough to sit on a bookshelf just behind the seating position. However, it turns out that there are virtually no home cinema projectors that meet my requirement of >1.7 throw ratio, and less than around 27cm depth (to fit on a shelf).

Then I stumbled on the Optoma EH470 and EH416e, which are both marketed at business/eduction, but reading through the specs don't seem that different to a home cinema projector, and they both have the throw ratio I want, and are around 22cm deep. Although I haven't looked at it in detail, the BenQ SH753+ also meets these specs, but curiously is also marketed to business/education.

The only thing in the specs that stands out, in terms of being different from home cinema, is that they are very bright (around 5000 lumens), and I always watch in a fairly dark room, but I figured I could just run in eco mode if too bright.

Is there something I am missing here, or should these work just as well as a normal home cinema projector with similar spec?



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Just trying to bump this up in the hope that someone knowledgable will be along! :)

Basically I have found a bunch of projectors that meet my depth and throw requirements (Optoma EH470, Optoma EH416e, BenQ SH753+, and at a push the Epson EB-992F), but they are all business projectors with very high lumens (4-5000). I could run them in eco mode, but still concerned they will be too bright as I normally have the room as dark as I can make it when using.

I wasn't looking for a 4k projector, but have just come across the ViewSonic PX727-4K, which I could just about squeeze into the space, and seems a bit more appropriate for movies. There is also a a viewsonic 747 but the 727 seemed like the better spec for darkish room watching movies.

The business ones are a better fit sizewise, but concerned that they would not be ideal in a dark room. The Viewsonic seems to get good reviews, I doubt I will notice the 4k difference at the distance I sit, but as its the same price its not like I am paying extra for it.

Any thoughts?


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