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Hi all, I just have a couple of questions regarding the 3d home cinema setup I'm building. Any help is greatly appreciated! 😊

I purchased my projector (Casio XJ-ST155) a while ago and fell into the classic '3d-capable' trap, thinking that you could just plug a 3d Blu-ray player into it and be done with it.

After a fair bit of digging around online, I decided to purchase an Optoma 3d-XL. I was aware, thanks to this forum, that converting 120hz Hdmi to Vga can be a bit tricky, however I did read a few stories of people managing to get it working. I've bought and returned a couple of different types of hdmi to vga adapters without having any luck and I was wondering if there was anyone that could point me to one that might work?

I also connected the 3d-XL straight to the hdmi port on the projector (60hz max according to manual) and the projector confirms that the content is 3d and lets the glasses sync up but shows everything in 2d. Is this something that might potentially work?

Thanks for reading, any help would be massively appreciated as I've been going round in circles for months! 😀



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Oh I didn't realise there was a 3D trap! Do they not all just work if you plug in a 3D blu-ray? I've been looking at a bunch of 3D projectors myself.

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