Options for White Gloss TV Unit to accommodate 65" TV?


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Jan 5, 2004
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Hi there folks,

I'm looking to purchase a White Gloss TV cabinet to accommodate a 65 inch LG OLED TV and am currently torn between the MMT Furniture Designs and Frank Olsen offerings - I'm looking to seek some advice to determine the most appropriate choice.

MMT Furniture Designs - Pearl MMT-1500
Frank Olsen - Intel 1500 LED

The main differences between the units are the doors (IR pass thru Glass (MMT Furniture Designs) Vs Solid Gloss doors and IR Blaster (Frank Olsen)), provision of inbuilt wireless Qi charging and rear LED mood lighting on the Frank Olsen.

The MMT Furniture Designs unit is deeper at 470mm internal usable depth vs 387mm for the Frank Olsen, which thinking as I write might limit the range of home cinema Amps for the Frank Olsen - I don't have a Home Cinema Amp at the moment but now I have a decent TV, it's probably one of the next purchases on the list.....

Both manufacturers offer an associated cantilever stand to integrate with their respective units so will be procuring said item too. The Frank Olsen comes in the cheaper of the two but I'm feeling the glass doors of the MMT as I will likely mod the interior with LED for ambient lighting.

My ideal unit would be a hybrid of the above two!

I've looked at IKEA Besta and the threads on here observing people's varying satisfaction with accomodating 65 inch TV's, but it's unfortunately too wide at 1800mm - I need a unit that is max 1600mm wide.

Has anyone got any experience with either of the aforementioned units, particularly the one from MMT Furniture designs or indeed alternative options meeting the size and colour requirement based on the same sort of design? Budget is circa £500.

Many thanks in advance for any advice. :smashin:
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Hi thunder367,

Thanks for the suggestion. Indeed, I did initially spend a couple hours looking through the vast selection Wayfair have on their website and ironically, the two units I am interested in, they have for sale on their website, albeit renamed to their brands (Agalegas by Metro Lane and Daniell TV by Brayden Studio) and obviously with a markup with their dropship model.

I am specifically looking for a model with doors and not an open shelf section, which does limit the options and hence narrowed down to these two.

Thanks again :smashin:
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Have you considered Sonorous? Something like the STA360 which is gloss white glass with an IR repeater?

I got one of their cheaper models (wood, not glass) late last year and I am very impressed with quality. I note the model here is 1650 wide, but hopefully another option for you to consider.

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You can make one for less than half the cost of the cheap MDF or chipboard units from Ikea, using new solid pine or solid oak from reclaimed timber yards. Some timber yards will cut to size so all you need is a few screws and a drill. Then buy some gloss white vynil wrap or a tin of white gloss finish paint. Alternatively it's worth looking to see if you have any local carpenters.
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