Options for two old portable televisions

Pam B

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I would be grateful for your advice please.

My old PVR (a Humax 9300-T) has recently broken (which used to send a TV signal via a Nikkai video sender) to the two portable televisions in my house located in other rooms. The old PVR had a scart option at the back of it as well as a HDMI port so it enabled me to connect the Nikkai video sender using the scart option.

I am trying to decide what is the best option to enable me to watch television on my two old portable televisons.

1.) The televisions only have a scart option at the back so is one option buy a Firestick and a Scart to HDMI adaptor. I would need to purchase this for both televisions so could get quite pricey.

2.) Buy a new PVR (which I'm planning to do anyway) and in addition buy a scart to HDMI adaptor (to enable the video sender to connect to the PVR) but I would also need to buy a HDMI splitter as the PVR will only have one HDMI option at the back of it as the PVR will need to connect to my main television. The video sender still works perfectly well and could continue to send the signal around my house.

Or are there other options for my two old portable televisions that I'm not considering. I only tend to watch the news on these old televisions and my main television which has the PVR connected to is the one I use.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations.


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Do you have working TV aerial points next to your old portable TVs ? Small screen LCD TVs aren't too expensive these days and even the cheapest would be perfectly good enough for watching the news on, plus the picture quality is likely to be a lot better than your current set-up. You wouldn't have to walk back into the lounge to change channel, either !

Do you know what's wrong with your 9300T ? I recently replaced the failing hard-drive in my Humax HDR-Fox T2 PVR in order to keep it going.

Pam B

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Thank you for your reply. No there are no working TV aerial points near the old portable TVs.

No idea what's wrong with the 9300-T. I have lost the 'record' option from my menu screen despite turning it off and back on again and re-installing factory settings. I think the disk drive is corrupt as it doesn't seem to be recognised anymore.

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